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Sally Edmundson Supplies the Tartness and the Heart in Ann at Stages
Description: Well, shoot, little darlin', if this one-woman bio play about Texas governor Ann Richards isn't the cutest pick of the litter. Soft and cuddly with those twinkly eyes and fluffy big white fur, this little puppy with boundless energy nips at you with a twangy bark that brings a nostalgic...  more...
Falling In and Out of Love Can Be Funny With the Houston Premiere of Love/Sick
Description: Quick, what's your relationship status? Actor/playwright John Cariani (Law & Order's Julian Beck) dials through every possible combination in the nine vignettes that make up Love/Sick, including first love, marriage, pregnant (or not), infidelity and divorce. It's labeled a dark comedy but Kelsey McMillan (Becky Shaw), who is directing the...  more...
Queensbury's Unlock'd A Bright and Bubbly New Musical
Description: Queensbury Theatre stages Unlock’d, a new musical about the quest to cut one woman’s hair.  more...
Touch(ed) Takes An Incredulous Look At Mental Health Issues
Description: To enjoy a play, we the audience willingly engage in several suspensions of disbelief. Those people up there on stage? They really are the characters they portray. The lighting that dims, darkens or shines brightly? Well that’s just the atmosphere. Same for the music that fades in and out or...  more...
Here's How to Get Your Tickets to Hamilton in Houston
Description: It has just been announced that tickets for Hamilton will be on sale as of Friday, February 23 at 10 a.m. in Houston. The tickets will be sold through Ticketmaster Verified Fan® in a system "that allows pre-registered fans to unlock access to tickets without competing against scalpers and bots," according...  more...
An Enemy of the People at Classical Theatre is Ibsen at His Boldest
Description: It's no surprise that a quill pen slashes through Classical Theatre's logo. Is there another Houston company that produces, reveres, celebrates theater's greatest writers? Shakespeare, Chekhov, Gogol, Strindberg, Aristophanes, Ibsen. There is much to be learned from these antique teachers. Our very being derives from their insights. Modern western civilization...  more...
Everyone can Get on Board With Men On Boats at Main Street Theater
Description: Ahoy, ye hearty and hirsute brave men of daring. Let's go adventuring! Here's the best by far – Jaclyn Backhaus' Men on Boats, careening through Main Street Theater in the theatrical event of the season. You will find thrills on a mammoth scale, meet Indians, kill snakes, and, of course,...  more...
Leap And The Net Will Appear Roars At Convention With Catastrophic Theatre
Description: By the time our main character Margie is snarling on all fours around the bedroom of her sleeping ex-husband as if she was a lion ready to attack, while her abandoned son is speaking to some kind of sooth saying bonobo in a transported alternate rainforest reality, and her lover/pretend...  more...