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SuicideGirls Bring Cosplay Burlesque to Houston
Description: Ask Missy Suicide about when she saw the punk rock and tattoo aesthetic of the online community she helped create shift to comic book and pop-culture geekery and she says it was a little more than a decade ago. The SuicideGirls website, which features women posting various photos of themselves...  more...
The Five Best Things to Do in Houston This Weekend: Say AdiĆ³s for Now.
Description: You were loved and you will be missed.  more...
Bond & Beyond Brings The Best From The World's Most Famous Spy to Houston
Description: The Houston Symphony will highlight all things 007 this weekend during its BBVA Compass POPS series with Bond & Beyond.  more...
Lobby Hero: What Do You Do When All Your Choices Are Bad?
Description: Long before Manchester By The Sea, author and director Kenneth Lonergan wrote Lobby Hero, a play involving a murder, four flawed people and a set of secrets that if revealed will result in somebody being helped but someone else being hurt. In 2011, critic Jason Zinoman writing in The New...  more...
Two Immersive Theater Productions in Houston Offer Audiences Spine-Tingling Challenges
Description: If you're a fan of mystery theater with an extra dash of thwarted actor running through your veins, then the news that there are an increasing number of immersive theater experiences available in Houston is all to the good. Case in point: Strange Bird Immersive's The Man From Beyond offers...  more...
Luna Gale: Teenage Meth Addicts or Grandma? Who's the Best Parent?
Description: Rebecca Gilman's family drama confronts the moral dilemma of who is best to raise a child.  more...
Finding Neverland Has Little to Do With Actual Fact in Telling Its Pre-Peter Pan Story
Description: I guess there are duller musicals out there than Finding Neverland but, to be perfectly honest, I can't think of any. This one tells the story of how James M. Barrie's immortal Peter Pan came into existence. Based on Allan Knee's 1998 play, The Man Who Was Peter Pan, then...  more...
In Darfur Puts Western Media's Coverage of Genocide in the Spotlight
Description: The set up: Hawa was a Darfuri university student/ English teacher who had the very unlucky fate of living in the region when the violent conflict between non-Arab rebel forces and the Sudanese government erupted in 2003. Her village was attacked, the men were killed, the women were raped and...  more...