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Auditions for "Murder on the Oriental Rug" with Old West Melodrama

2016/1/2 9:12
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Sunday 8/28 and Monday 8/29 @ 6 pm at Puffabelly's in Old Town Spring (100 Main St, Spring, TX 77373).

Rehearsals are Sundays, Mondays, and Tuesdays in the early evening (with an additional Thursday rehearsal on opening weekend) starting 8/30.

Shows are October 7/8 14/15, 21/22.

Some pay with box office split mailed out a couple days after final show.

Shows are audience interactive and require strong characterization and improvisational skills.

Old West Melodrama

Posted on: 2016/8/21 18:47
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Houston Grand Opera - Actress Auditions for Nixon in China

2010/9/3 13:33
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NIXON IN CHINA - “Old Soul of China” Silent Actress

Auditions: Saturday, September 17th, 3:00 PM

Houston Grand Opera will hold auditions for actresses to perform the non-singing, non-speaking role of the “Old Soul of China” in a production of Nixon in China, to be staged during HGO’s 2016-2017 season. Houston Grand Opera’s production of Nixon in China will be directed by James Robinson and choreographed by Seán Curran. The Associate Choreographer is Nora Brickman. More information about Nixon in China can be found at

Candidates should be female performers with strong movement abilities. Asian women with t’ai chi experience are especially encouraged to attend the audition.

All interested candidates should have evening and weekend availability during the rehearsal periods of December 12 - 20, 2016 and January 3 - 18, 2017 and for all performances as follows: January 20, 22m, 24, 26, 28, 2017. This position will be paid $7.25 per rehearsal hour and $40 per performance.

If you wish to be considered for an audition, please follow the instructions below. The deadline for audition applications is Thursday, September 15th.

Audition Application Instructions:
Complete online audition form: ... send_form.

Email current headshot or photo to Emails must include “HGO Nixon Audition” and the actor’s last name in the subject line.

Posted on: 2016/8/17 14:30
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Auditions for Bright Ideas by Eric Coble

2010/1/13 11:32
From Houston, TX
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Theater Southwest is casting Bright Ideas, a dark comedy, loosely based on Shakespeare's, Macbeth. Genevra and Joshua Bradley are struggling to get their three year old son Mac into a highly exclusive toddler prep school. Murder ensues over dinner causing Genevra to go stark raving mad.

The cast consists of 5 actors:
Genevra - 28-42 - female - Mother of Mac
Joshua - 28-42 - male - Father of Mac
3 actors - 2 female, 1 male to play the 15+ other roles.

Auditions will be held at Theater Southwest 9/11 and 9/12 at 7 pm and will consist of cold reads from the script. Please bring head shot and resume. There is no compensation for this show.

Performance dates are 10/28-11/19 Fridays and Saturdays with a matinee on 11/6.

Rehearsals will begin on 9/14 and will be Mon- Thurs with a few Saturdays as needed.

You may direct questions to

Posted on: 2016/8/11 6:17
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Casting Call for Independent Stage Play
Forever Yours
Written By: Contrina J Buggs

Performance Date: mid October or November 2016
Auditions will be held on July 30th at Barbara Bush Library 6817 Cypresswood Dr, Spring, TX 77379 from 1 to 5 PM. Please bring resume and headshot. Please have a monologue prepared.

Best friends come together to celebrate love and happiness and deep secrets are revealed.

Alex Winters-Handsome and successful, Alex Winters has it all. The only thing that's missing from his life was love and then he found Amina. He can't wait to make her Mrs. Winters. She's the perfect package, everything he could possibly want. But his perfect wife to be is keeping a major secret that could cause his world to come crashing down.

Amina Dawson-Sweet and beautiful and searching for someone to rescue her from herself. When she meets Alex, she feels he is the answer to her prayers. Is she willingly to sacrifice her own happiness to please others?

Jason Winters- Alex's outspoken brother. He's happy that his brother has found love but he enjoys the single life. There's nothing like variety. He's hoping that Amina's has some cute friends that he can hook up with, and have a good time. Unfortunately for him his past is coming back to haunt him.

Yesenia Kincaid-She's the mouth of the south. Outspoken and sassy. She knows everyone business. She always telling others what to do but can she take her own advice?

Caleb Dawson- Amina's younger and protective brother. All he wants is for Amina to be happy. Jason seems like a nice guy but he knows he isn't the one for his sister. How far will he go to keep Amina from making a huge mistake?

Journee Devoe-The perfect friend and the perfect wife. She's praying that some of Amina and Jason's fairytale love rubs off onto her own marriage. She loves Troy and is hopelessly devoted to him but how long will she continue to live in denial of the truth?

Lauren Foster-She's trying to disguise her broken spirit with a fake smile. She loves her best friends but she' been avoiding them for months. She's keeping a secret that's so huge that it will rock everyone to the core.

Age 21-35

Posted on: 2016/7/25 11:46
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August 1st and 2nd - Evil Dead the Musical @ Katy Visual and Performing Arts Center

2016/7/22 10:50
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Auditions for Evil Dead, The Musical

Monday, Aug 1 and Tuesday Aug 2, from 7:00-9:00pm in Bldg 2, THE GRAND VISION CHILDREN'S THEATRE AT KVPAC

Directed by Jason Howard

By George Reinblatt
Performances scheduled in the Magyar Main Theatre at KVPAC on the Kennedy Grand Stage

Performance dates are September 30, October 1 & 2, 2016
All shows begin at 8:00pm, except for Sunday which is a matinee beginning at 2:00pm

Show Synopsis:
Based on Sam Raimi's 80s cult classic films, EVIL DEAD tells the tale of 5 college kids who travel to a cabin in the woods and accidentally unleash an evil force. And although it may sound like a horror, it's not! The songs are hilariously campy and the show is bursting with more farce than a Monty Python skit. EVIL DEAD: THE MUSICAL unearths the old familiar story: boy and friends take a weekend getaway at abandoned cabin, boy expects to get lucky, boy unleashes ancient evil spirit, friends turn into Candarian Demons, boy fights until dawn to survive. As musical mayhem descends upon this sleepover in the woods, "camp" takes on a whole new meaning with uproarious numbers like "All the Men in my Life Keep Getting Killed by Candarian Demons," "Look Who's Evil Now" and "Do the Necronomicon."


Ash (Male – Tenor/Baritone): Age range 18 - 25. The hero and iconic character of the musical. This devoted S-Mart housewares employee evolves over the course of the show from a cowardly college student to a wise cracking deadite slayer with his detachable hand chainsaw and 12 gauge “boomstick.”

Linda (Female – Mezzo-Soprano): Age range 18 - 25. The prototypical girl next door. Linda is sweet, thoughtful, and completely devoted to Ash, until she turns evil and tries to kill him. She laughs an annoyingly inordinate amount of time after transforming.

Cheryl (Female – Mezzo-Soprano): Age range 18 - 25. Ash’s sister and the odd woman out in the group. Looking to spend a week relaxing, she is the recipient of Scotty’s jokes and torment. The only one to sense the evil surrounding the cabin, she is the first to be possessed, turning her into an aggressive, foul mouthed demon that speaks in very bad puns. Spends the majority of the show locked in the cellar.

Scotty (Male – Tenor/Baritone): Age range 18 - 25. Good looking, cocky, a prankster and Ash’s best friend. Has a particularly misguided resentment for Cheryl. Thinks himself the brave one until he’s forced to kill, then his panic leads him to flee. He returns to warn Ash about the woods and attempts to help his friend even as he is knocking on death’s door.

Shelly (Female – Mezzo-Soprano): Age range 18 - 25. Beautiful, easy, and not too smart. Very easily distracted. She is Scotty’s latest fling and looking to party. Just because she becomes an evil demon doesn’t mean she can’t look good doing it!

Annie (Female – Mezzo-Soprano): Age range 18 - 25. Quite the overbearing explorer who finds missing pages to the Necronomicon and wants to reunite with her father to continue their research. Very bossy and drawn to Ash. Must be comfortable in a tear away semi-revealing costume.

Ed (Male – Tenor/Baritone): Age range 18 - 25. Annie’s coworker, boyfriend, and doormat. He travels with her to the cabin to proceed with their research of the book of the dead. After turning evil, his confidence may lack but this “Bit Part Demon” is ready to sing!

Jake (Male – Tenor/Baritone): Age range 18 - 35. Stereotypical Southerner and reliable enough to help Annie and Ed find the path to the cabin, but too stupid and stubborn to listen to reason that will keep him alive.

Fake Shemp (Male - Tenor/Baritone): Any age range. This character plays every part not played by another actor, including a possessed, singing, Candarian Demon moose head, Professor Knowby (Annie's father and researcher of the Necronomicon who appears as a ghost and voice-over throughout the show), a severed hand, a possessed tree, and more...

Please be prepared to perform 16 bars of any Rock/Pop style song and a 1-minute comedic monologue.

Auditions to be held Monday, Aug 1 and Tuesday, Aug 2 from 7:00-9:00pm.

Call backs will be Wednesday, Aug 3 if needed.
Please email KVPAC () to set up an appointment time or call 281.829.2787.

Audition location is KVPAC, Building 2, in The Grand Vision Children's Theatre at KVPAC at 2501 S Mason Rd # 290, Katy, TX 77450.

Bring headshot/ resume if you have one.

Participants must be age 17 or older unless otherwise stated on cast list above.

Performances are in Magyar Main Theatre at KVPAC
Sep 30, 2016 at 8:00pm (evening)
Oct 1, 2016 at 8:00pm (evening)
Oct 2, 2016 at 2:00pm (matinee)

Posted on: 2016/7/22 10:55
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July 24 & 25 - Dog Sees God at Island ETC

2004/1/16 11:17
From Galveston
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Island ETC (East-End Theatre Company) is pleased to announce open auditions for all roles in our upcoming production of DOG SEES GOD: CONFESSIONS OF A TEENAGE BLOCKHEAD. Auditions will be held on Sunday and Monday, July 24th and 25th. Auditions will be held at ETC, 2317 Mechanic Street, Galveston and will begin at 7:00pm both evenings.

DOG SEES GOD: CONFESSIONS OF A TEENAGE BLOCKHEAD, an ‘unauthorized parody’ by Bert V. Royal, imagine characters from the popular comic strip Peanuts as teenagers. When CB’s dog dies from rabies, CB begins to question the existence of an afterlife. His best friend is too burnt out to provide any coherent speculation; his sister has gone Goth; his ex-girlfriend has recently been institutionalized; and his other friends are too inebriated to give him any sort of solace. A chance meeting with an artistic kid, the target of the group’s bullying offers CB a peace of mind and sets a friendship in motion that will push teen angst to the very limits.

Rehearsals for DOG SEES GOD are scheduled to begin on Monday, August 8th. Rehearsals are held Sunday through Thursdays from 7:00pm to 10:00pm. Performances are September 9th through October 1st. Performances are Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights at 8:00pm. There will be one Sunday matinee on September 18th at 2:30 pm.

All roles are open and available. All ethnicities are urged to audition. Age range for all characters is late-teens to 30, must be able to look and convincingly play a high schooler. All actors at ETC are paid a production stipend at the end of the run. Those auditioning are asked to bring a current headshot and resume. Auditions will consist of cold readings from the script.

Roles: (4 men, 4 women)

CB: (Male)- He is intensely saddened over the death of his dog and is forced to question
both his sexuality and his social status when he befriends his classmate Beethoven.

CB’s Sister: (Female)- She has gone Goth, at least for a portion of the play. It is mentioned that, like her character basis, she changes her philosophy on life often. Her other personas during the course of the play are scripted as ‘gansta-bitch’ and hippie.

Van: (Male)- As a child, he was always a philosopher, but as a teen he is now a pothead
with a worldview to match. He repeatedly attempts to pursue a sexual relationship with CB’s Sister.

Matt: (Male)- Matt is a pathological germaphobe whose dirtiness has been internalized. He is sex-obsessed and homophobic. He is a football player and CB’s best friend. He terrorizes Beethoven mercilessly.

Beethoven: (Male)- Beethoven became the school outcast prior to the events in the play. A bit of a recluse, he takes solace in playing the piano, but when he and CB become involved, his world is turned upside down.

Tricia: (Female)- Tricia is a ‘party-girl’ who professes herself to be ‘’pretty’ and ‘popular,’ but she is always drunk. She is Marcy’s best friend, though they are neither honest nor loyal to one another. Tricia makes fun of Frieda constantly.

Marcy: (Female)- Marcy is another ‘party girl.’ She has a crush on CB but goes after Matt
instead. She is Tricia's best friend, though they are not honest with or loyal to each other.

Van’s Sister:(Female) – Van’s Sister is in the mental institution after setting fire to the little red-headed girl’s hair. She is proud of CB for daring to be different instead of always being so predictable. She helps CB find himself and his inner courage.

For additional information, please visit our website at or give us a call at the theatre at
409-762-3556. Email questions may be sent to Kim Mytelka at Please put Auditions in
the subject line.

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jpg  FLYER.jpg (400.14 KB)
308__133095791182993af3.jpg 1238X1838 px

jpg  FLYER.jpg (400.14 KB)
308__2965791185695091.jpg 1238X1838 px

Posted on: 2016/7/21 10:45
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Eurydice Auditions

2015/9/29 13:02
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Open Call Auditions:

Sunday, August 28, 7:00pm to 10:00pm
Callbacks, Monday, August 29, 7:00pm to 10:00pm

Eurydice is an adaptation of the Greek myth, Orpheus, by Sarah Ruhl told from the viewpoint of Eurydice. In this tale, Eurydice has just married Orpheus and on her wedding day is beguiled by a Nasty Interesting Man, who causes her to fall to her death. Upon reaching the Underworld, she encounters Her Father and they attempt to rebuild a life together. Orpheus finds his way through the Gates of Hell. He convinces Hades to allow Eurydice to escape with him as long as they do not look at each other before she’s out of the Underworld. However, in a moment of decisiveness, Eurydice makes a choice that will change the course of fate for everyone forever. This play is a heart breaking and beautiful exploration of love and loss in both in this life and the next. Directed by Renee van Nifterik.

Seeking actors who are physically responsive and not afraid to take risks. The directorial approach to this production will fall under the work of Russian-American actor and director, Michael Chekhov and is part of the director’s teaching and workshop certification process. As such actors will be asked to participate in Michael Chekhov technique based exercises and give feedback on the process.

Qualified actors will be paid a gas stipend.

Please verify all conflicts. Due to the exploratory workshop nature of this rehearsal process, actors with excessive conflicts cannot be cast. No conflicts will be allowed during tech week and for performances.

Rehearsals and Performances

Rehearsals will generally be held Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 7-10pm with some occasional variation. Tech week will be October 16-October 20. Performances will be weekends October 21- November 6. There will be one Thursday show on October 27.


Pearl Theater
14803 Park Almeda Dr.
Houston, TX 77047
Audition Dates and Times

Sunday, August 28 from 7-10pm.
Callbacks, Monday, August 29, from 7-10pm.

Audition Requirements

Please bring a resume and headshot and prepare a 1-2 minute monologue of your choice. We will do cold readings from the script following monologue presentations. Please plan to arrive at 7pm and stay for the entire time. If possible, please read the script ahead of time.
Cast of Characters

All roles are open to all ethnicities. No roles are precast.

Eurydice (20’s-30’s). Innocent, naïve, and curious, perhaps to a fault. She is intelligent and sincere. She loves language, words, and ideas. She is optimistic and full of hope.
Orpheus (20’s – 30’s). He is a dreamer and musician. He has a powerful, magnetic personality with a strong, confident voice. Musical ability, singer, and/or instrumentalist a plus.
Her Father (40’s-60’s). He is dead, but determined to remain connected to his daughter. He is dignified and resourceful with a twinkle in his eye and a bounce in his step. He loves writing, reading, and his daughter. Must have some dance skill.
Nasty Interesting Man/ Lord of the Underworld (18-60s). Ageless and not of this plane of existence. Slithering and sly, yet there is something eerily seductive about him. He is a snake-oil salesman as the Nasty Interesting Man and an angry, spoiled, demanding child as Lord of the Underworld. Must be able to ride on a tricycle or bike. May be asked to walk on stilts.
Chorus of Stones
Women or men of any shape and size. The stones should be comfortable with expressive physical movement. They are very dead and haughty! They are bitter, sarcastic, and merciless. Think nasty children at a birthday party. They find Eurydice and Her Father’s rebellion against the order of the Underworld maddening.
Big Stone (16-60’s). The oldest and wisest of the stones. Big does not necessarily mean size, it just means the space the character dominates.
Little Stone (16-60’s). Youngest and most childlike of the trio. Again physical size of the actor is irrelevant. Little stone is such because is unable to dominate much space.
Loud Stone (16-60’s). She will be heard. Loud may also mean most negative, bitter, or difficult of the stones.

If you have questions, please email the director or call 713.340.2540. See you at auditions! ... s-eurydice

Posted on: 2016/7/20 10:17
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Houston Gilbert & Sullivan Society presents Princess Ida July 22-31

2004/1/23 13:16
From twixt Loop and Beltway
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Welcome to Castle Adamant, where women are fabulous, men are forbidden, and comic conspiracies reign supreme. As a baby, Princess Ida was betrothed to Prince Hilarion—but the honeymoon was over before it ever started. Now all grown up, the Princess has sworn off men, opening an all-women college at the Castle in order to prove the superiority of her sex. But no moat can keep the Prince and his men from breeching these walls. It could be love. It could be war.It’s definitely a castle-crashing, cross-dressing, toe-tapping laugh riot.

The Gilbert & Sullivan Society of Houston presents Princess Ida, a comic opera in three acts, July 22-31 at the Wortham Center in downtown Houston. Performances are Friday and Saturday at 8pm, and Sunday at 2:30pm. Tickets are $28 to $53, and are available at
The Gilbert & Sullivan Society of Houston is a non-profit company which, since 1952, has been dedicated to preserving and sharing the delightful legacy of Gilbert and Sullivan's wonderful operas. As an internationally award-winning stalwart of the arts community, our Society is proudest of showcasing young talent for Houston audiences, as well as awarding more than 100 scholarships to vocal performance and theatre tech students over the years.

Posted on: 2016/7/20 7:44
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Saturn Returns Auditions at Theatre Southwest
Auditions for Saturn Returns by Noah Haidle at Theatre Southwest
Directed by John Mitsakis

An astrological phenomenon presupposes that when the planet Saturn completes its cycle every thirty years of a human's life, that life is affected by deep trauma and change. The play follows Gustin, a radiologist living in Grand Rapids Michigan at the ages of 88, 58 and 28. He is inextricably bound to the women in his life. At 88 his nurse, Suzanne; at 58 his daughter, Zephyr; and at 28, his wife, Loretta. Gustin endures as the women come and go, live and die.

Sunday, July 24 at 7 pm
Monday, July 25 at 7 pm

3M, 1F

Gustin - To be played by three actors representing Gustin throughout his life at ages 28, 58, and 88.

Suzzane/Zephyr/Loretta - To be played by one actress, these are the women in Gustin's life throughout the years. His nurse at 88, his daughter at 58, and his wife at 28.

Auditions will consist of cold readings from the script. Please bring a headshot and resume if possible.

Theatre Southwest is located at
8944-A Clarkcrest,
Houston, Tx 77063
(713) 661-9505

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jpg  saturn square.jpg (623.81 KB)
5466__23408578cad356860d.jpg 900X900 px

Posted on: 2016/7/18 2:19
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Casting Call

2016/7/13 18:18
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Casting Call

Bilingual Education Services (BES) and the Children’s Theatre Group Somos Niños, will hold AUDITIONS on Thursday, July 21, at 5 pm, at TBH Center- 333 S Jensen Dr, Houston, TX 77003.  

Searching for talent, English speakers and bilingual actors (English-Spanish), to present plays for children, PK-8th grade.  This project is part of the White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for Hispanics.  

Actors must be 18 years or older, available to rehearse and perform during the morning, and with reliable transportation.  Theatrical training and experience preferred; ability to sing and dance required for some characters.  

Rehearsals begin in the month of August 2016, and performances in September.

Actors must prepare a 1-minute comedic monologue and/or 16 bars of a musical theatre song.  Bring a recent headshot and updated resume to the audition.  Register by calling (281) 736-6335, or via email at

Posted on: 2016/7/15 16:06
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