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Bright Ideas - Opening at TSW

2008/6/25 9:24
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BRIGHT IDEAS, (a dark comedy by Eric Coble) directed by John Patterson opens Oct. 28th.
Genevra & Joshua Bradley's 3 year old son is next on the waiting list for Bright Ideas Early Childhood Development Academy - And everyone knows once you're in there, your life will unfold with glorious ease. Josh and Gen are one fatal dinner party away from the ultimate success as parents: The Right Pre-School. You may never look at pre-school or pesto the same way again.

Delightful cast is Jenna Morris, Scott McWhirter, Lindsey Jones, Joseph (Chepe) Lockett and Amira Judah.

Performance dates Fridays & Saturdays, Oct 28–Nov 19 - 8 pm with 1 Sunday Matinee, Nov 6 at 3 pm

Visit Theatre Southwest's website or call (713) 661-9505 for more info. or to reserve a ticket

Posted on: 2016/10/18 7:00
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Theatre Suburbia Posts Auditions for Rose and Walsh Nov 6 & Nov 7

2004/2/24 6:16
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TIME: Sunday, Nov 6, 2016 at 2:00 p.m.
and Monday, Nov 7, 2016 at 7:30 p.m.

PLACE: Theatre Suburbia,
4601 Way Out West Drive, Suite N,
Houston, TX 77092

SHOW: Rose and Walsh
By Neil Simon

STORY: This follows two great literary figures and the depth and consequence of their enduring love. Rose, a celebrated but near penniless author, receives visits from Walsh, the love of her life and a famous writer himself. Now Walsh must go away forever.
His extraordinary proposal changes everything.

A comic exploration of enduring love.

"Neil Simon has been dancing around the issue of aging for about a decade now, never going toe to toe with the real consequence of old age: death. In Rose and Walsh, he finally confronts the after life and its effects on loved ones left behind, creating his most rewarding play in years." -Variety


Rose Steiner – She is in her 60’s, but with the energy and tenacity
of a woman much younger. A Pulitzer-prize
winning playwright.

Walsh McLaren – He is in his mid to late fifties. Neat and trim, he
has a quiet but quick sense of the sardonic. A
famous mystery writer.

Arlene Moss – Rose's assistant – She is in her
late 20’s – late 30’s. She is totally dedicated
to and protective of Rose.

Gavin Clancy – Mid 30's – Mid 40’s a young, talented,
writer. While he needs grooming,
there is something attractive about him.

DIRECTOR: Suzanne King

REHEARSALS: Nov 9, 2016 – Through, Jan 5, 2017

PERFORMANCES: January 6, 2017 – February 4, 2017
Fridays and Saturdays at 8:30 PM
Sunday Matinees: Jan 22 & 29, 2017 3:00 PM.

INFORMATION: No monologue required. Auditions will be readings from the script. Bring your resume and headshot if you have them. If not, we have forms and a camera. For further information, call the theatre at 713-682-3525 and leave your name, telephone number and any questions on line four of the voice mail system and your call will be returned. Or, email your questions to:

After the auditions on Sunday, Nov 6th, Theatre Suburbia Directors will conduct a short workshop on improving your audition techniques. Attendees are welcome to participate in this free workshop.

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386__889457f935257f082.jpg 1375X431 px

Posted on: 2016/10/8 10:04
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AUDITION - The Plight Before Christmas (Melodrama)

2016/9/15 8:04
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Sunday - October 9 - 12:30 to 3 p.m. @ American Legion Post 560 - 3720 Alba Road in Garden Oaks (outside the North 610 Loop).

A GROUND FLOOR OPPORTUNITY! 6 performances this holiday season as Classic Melodrama meets Steampunk in this maiden production of Troupe Texpian. Seven M & F roles available. Age range: post high school to seasoned citizens. Casting based on the best auditoneers...and other things (like conflicts!!!)

CHEYENNE - Female. A tragic woman with a secret.
EBENEEZER HUMBUG - Male. He's the villain.
BOB SCRATCHIT - Male. He's the hero.
SLIM DICKENS - M or F. The town sheriff.
AUNT FUZZIWIG - Female. Runs best little boarding house.
FELICITY - Female. She's our heroine.
MYSTERIOUS STRANGER - Male. Only the actor will know.

Audition to be various cold readings from script. Compensation to be a small stipend and shared tips. (Like a "little bit" of extra Christmas money!)

Rehearsals begin October 22. Scheduled rehearsals (as required) to be on Monday, Wednesday, Friday evenings and Saturday afternoons.

Performance Dates: Opens November 25 - "Black moustache Friday" with additional performances Nov 26, Dec. 2, 3 & 9, 10.

If you've got the chops to do audience interactive, ad-lib and off-the-cuff melodrama at its highest level then show up and show off!

Questions? Contact

Posted on: 2016/10/1 10:28
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Re: Saturn Returns at Theatre Southwest

2008/6/25 9:24
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Just 2 performances left for this wonderful show. This Friday and Saturday (Sept. 30th & Oct. 1st, 8 pm). TSW is still taking reservations & there may be some seats open for walk-ins. Exceptional direction by John Mitsakis, a very talented cast & well written script.

Posted on: 2016/9/29 8:37
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Spam and New Membership times

2003/7/17 9:57
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In an effort to cut down on bogus posts and members.
NEW MEMBER sign up will be limited to once a week and that will be announced on site.

Thanks for your understanding. Previously confirmed members can keep submitting and sharing posts etc.


And thank you to those who report Spam ! It helps us out a lot!

Posted on: 2016/9/26 14:15
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Christmas Belles Auditions at the Pearl Theater

2015/9/29 13:02
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OPEN CALL!! So, y’all git yerselves on down to The Pearl Theater!
Christmas Belles by Jessie Jones, Nicholas Hope and Jamie Wootn.
Directed by: Vince Tortorice

Sunday, October 9 & Monday October 10, 7:00pm to 10:00pm

The Story:

A church Christmas program spins hilariously out of control in this Southern farce about squabbling sisters, family secrets, a surly Santa, a vengeful sheep and a reluctant Elvis impersonator.
It's Christmas-time in the small town of Fayro, Texas, and the Futrelle Sisters—Frankie, Twink and Honey Raye—are not exactly in a festive mood. A cranky Frankie is weeks overdue with her second set of twins. Twink, recently jilted and bitter about it, is in jail for inadvertently burning down half the town. And hot-flash-suffering Honey Raye is desperately trying to keep the Tabernacle of the Lamb's Christmas Program from spiraling into chaos. But things are not looking too promising: Miss Geneva, the ousted director of the previous twenty-seven productions, is ruthless in her attempts to take over the show. The celebrity guest Santa Claus—played by Frankie's long-suffering husband, Dub—is passing a kidney stone. One of the shepherds refuses to watch over his flock by night without pulling his little red wagon behind him. And the entire cast is dropping like flies due to food poisoning from the Band Boosters' Pancake Supper. And when Frankie lets slip a family secret that has been carefully guarded for decades, all hope for a successful Christmas program seems lost, even with an Elvis impersonator at the manger. But in true Futrelle fashion, the feuding sisters find a way to pull together in order to present a Christmas program the citizens of Fayro will never forget. Their hilarious holiday journey through a misadventure-filled Christmas Eve is guaranteed to bring joy to your world!

Rehearsals and Performances

TBA; however, in general, expect to rehearse Monday-Thursday evenings, 7:00-10:00 pm, with occasional variation as to time/day and possible Saturday rehearsals.
Tech Week: Sunday, November 27-Thursday, December 1; no exceptions (Note: Sunday, Nov. 27 is the last day of Thanksgiving weekend!!); details and times will be discussed during rehearsal process.
Performances will be Weekends from December 2-December 18; there will be one Thursday performance on December 8


Pearl Theater
14803 Park Almeda Dr.
Houston, TX 77047
Audition Requirements

Sunday, Oct. 9 and Monday, Oct. 10 (please choose ONE of the dates for your audition); 7:00-10:00 pm both evenings. Please plan to stay the entire time slot – early dismissal is possible at Director’s discretion. Read-from-the-script only; Sides provided. Please bring a head shot or current photo and a copy of resume if available.

Cast of Characters

Seeking 7 Women and 4 Men. All roles are open. No roles are precast.

Geneva Musgrave, 50-60’s. Crusty owner of the town flower shop, also the local town gossip.
Honey Raye Futrelle, 50ish. Oldest Futrelle sister, sexy, vivacious go-getter.
Gina Jo (G.J.) Dubberly, Frankie and Dub’s daughter, 20’s. Guileless and enthusiastic, she is your typical Daisy Duke sort of girl.
John Curtis Buntner, 35-55. Deputy sheriff, loves the ladies just as much as he loves his donuts and coffee.
Twink Futrelle, middle Futrelle sister, 40’s. The “black sheep,” loud and the toughest of the sisters.
Dub Dubberly, Frankie’s husband, 40’s. Life revolves around NASCAR, hunting, and drinking beer — and playing Santa.
Frankie Futrelle Dubberly, youngest Futrelle sister, 40’s. Pregnant with her 2nd set of twins, the most normal of the sisters and full of wit.
Rhonda Lynn Lampley, 50’s. Flashy manager of The Dairy Dog, a cross between Martha Stewart and Paula Dean.
Justin Waverly, 20’s. Interim Pastor at the Tabernacle of the Lamb, very sweet and innocent.
Raynerd Chisum, adult male. Part-time employee at The Dairy Dog, very simple and earnest, always speaks from the heart.
Patsy Price, 40-60. Elegant society matron, high-class and never wrong.

If you have questions, please contact us on our website at or call 832.459.4674. See you at auditions!

Posted on: 2016/9/26 7:23
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The Great Exchange - an Original Musical (Auditions)

2016/9/15 8:05
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The Great Exchange - an Original Musical
God loved the world so much He was willing to risk ONE life for ALL

The DeLuxe Theater
3303 Lyons Ave. , Houston, TX 77020
Sept 25, 1p – 4p
Actors must register to audition ... n-schedule
to Register for Time Slot
Evening Rehearsals beginning 10/17/2016
Questions or Trouble Registering? 832-405-2622
Actors must Register for a Time Slot

Posted on: 2016/9/15 8:25
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Saturn Returns at Theatre Southwest

2008/6/25 9:24
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Don't miss the exceptional cast & production of Noah Haidle's SATURN RETURNS at Theatre Southwest. One actress plays 3 roles, while 3 actors play one role at different stages of life. Imaginative, funny & touching all at the same time. Go to or call 713-661-9505 for info. or tickets. Only 3 weekends left (Fridays & Saturdays Sept. 16-Oct.1 and a matinee Sunday Sept. 18) Seats are going fast. Don't wait until the last minute for this one!

Posted on: 2016/9/12 13:00
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TRANSFOLK - Web Series Casting Call

2005/6/13 23:05
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The Series

E-Mail Headshots and Resume to:


TRANSFOLK is an upcoming web series about a diverse group of transgender friends as they face the complexities of life, with the added struggles that come with being who they are.

At least for the first season, this project is non-paying, with the hopes that in future seasons we will be able to raise enough funds to compensate our cast and crew. Craft service will be provided every day of filming.



Shannyn Archer – Male to Female, Early 40's, Caucasian. Shannyn is the den mother to her girls (and boys). In her old life she was married to Beth and they had a son together named Aiden. Since their divorce and Shannyn's transition, Shannyn was married to a gay bar owner named Andrew for 7 years. Andrew passed away of cancer a year ago and left the bar to Shannyn in his will. Shannyn has had a years long rivalry with Felina Leblanc who was Andrew's ex girlfriend. She is best friends with Piper DeLauro.
(Role Has Been Cast)

Piper DeLauro – Male to Female, Early 30's, Caucasian. Piper is shy but can be a firecracker when need be. She is the manager of her best friend Shannyn's bar, and enters into a complicated relationship with the barback, Caleb.
(Role Has Been Cast)

Neveah Skye – Male to Female, Early 30's, African American. Neveah is a hot headed diva who will fight for the people she cares about. She presents herself as a strong willed, on top of it woman, but her hard exterior hides an extremely soft interior. Her break up with her long time boyfriend leads her down the wrong road.
(Role Has Been Cast)

Logan Pierce – Female to Male transgender character, mid to late 30's, Caucasian. Short dark hair, somewhat heavyset. Logan is an elementary school teacher whose contract is not renewed for the new school year due to his transition. He begins a relationship with a former co-worker that takes a turn he could never have seen coming.

Cierra Sifuentes – Male to Female transgender character, 19 years old, Hispanic. Short dark hair, thin. Cierra is just realizing who she is and is just now beginning her transition. This causes major problems with her family. Her life long best friend is Bailey who is a year younger than her, and is also a Male to Female transwoman farther along in her transition.


Bailey Smithson – Male to Female transgender character, 18 years old, Caucasian. Long blonde hair (a wig can be used, but real hair is preferable), thin, very passable for female. Bailey is a super confident, passable transwoman. She's hot and she knows it! She's the outgoing, carefree opposite to her bestie Cierra.

Felina Leblanc – Male to Female transgender, early 40's, Caucasian. Felina is the long time rival of Shannyn Archer. She is the town !&#$! to most, but there is a reason for the way she is.
(Role Has Been Cast)

Caleb Summers – Male, Age 25-33, Caucasian, any hair/eye color. Straight guy Caleb gets involved in a complicated romantic relationship with transwoman Piper DeLauro.

Beth Duncan – Female, Late 30's Early 40's, Caucasian, any hair/eye color. Ex-wife of Shannyn Archer. They have a teenage son together. Beth is a strong, occasionally sarcastic character. Strong willed and nurturing.

Trevor McNeal – Male, Early 20's, Caucasian, gorgeous, dark hair, piercing eyes, very charming. Straight man who gets into a relationship with Bailey Smithson without knowing she is transgender.

Aiden Milstead – Male, 14-16 years old, Caucasian, any hair/eye color. Teenage son of Shannyn Archer and Beth Duncan, stepson to Paul Duncan.

Theresa Reynolds – Female, Late 30's Early 40's, Caucasian, red or brown hair, plus size. Theresa is a teacher who worked with Logan and later forms a relationship with him despite being married, but that is hardly the darkest secret she is keeping.

Georgia Smithson – Female, Late 40's, Caucasian, short blonde hair, plus size, southern accent. Georgia is the oh so lovable mother of Bailey who completely accepts and understands her transgender daughter and all transgender people. The kind of character that when you meet the actress that plays her you just want to give her a big hug.

Vivian “Vi” Murdoch – Female, Early 30's, Caucasian. A thin, “pixie-like” woman with a bubbly, life of the party personality and a sweet smile that hides her internal battle with drug abuse. Best friend of Piper DeLauro since high school and new friend and bad influence on Neveah Skye who currently battles a drug addiction.

Rosalie Sifuentes – Female, Early 40's, Hispanic. Cierra and Lydia's mother who doesn't understand her son's identity when he comes out as trans, but since her children are more important than anything she will do what it takes to keep her family together.

Ernesto Sifuentes – Male, Late 40's, Hispanic. Cierra and Lydia's father, a hot tempered man who had his whole life planned out and worked hard to make that happen. He has the hardest of times accepting that his son is transgender and seems to do everything wrong by her despite the fact that he loves his children and his family completely.

Byron Fuller – Male, Late 20's, African American. Byron is the ex-boyfriend of Neveah Skye and is a drug dealer, which leads Neveah to curiously trying cocaine, leading her down her dark path.

Dorian Reynolds – Male, Early 40's, Caucasian. Theresa's controlling and emotionally abusive husband, businessman.

Bonnie Wittrock – Female, Early 50's, Any Ethnicity. Shannyn's AA Sponsor.

Lawrence Dalton – Male, 70's, Caucasian. Principal that fires Logan.

Mary Dunne – Female, 40's, African American. Bailey's kind guidance counselor

Paul Duncan – Male, early 40's. Beth's husband, Aiden's stepdad.
(Role Has Been Cast)

Brittany – Female, 8-9 years old, Caucasian. Logan's former student.
(Role Has Been Cast)

Aaron – Male, Any Ethnicity. Bartender at Shannyn's Bar
(Role Has Been Cast)

Police Officer Kay/Partner – (Roles Have Been Cast)

Posted on: 2016/9/7 16:25
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Company OnStage: Velveteen Rabbit Auditions

2006/11/29 2:27
From Houston, Texas
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"The Velveteen Rabbit," adapted for the stage by Thomas Olson based on the story by Margery Williams, Directed by MaryAnna Nagorski, and produced by special arrangement with PLAYS FOR YOUNG AUDIENCES.

Sunday and Monday, September 18 and 19, 2016 @ 7:00 p.m.
Company OnStage Performance Hall: St. John's Presbyterian Church, McPhail Hall, 5020 West Bellfort, Houston, TX 77035.

The Company OnStage Theater is excited to announce auditions for our upcoming holiday production, “The Velveteen Rabbit,” adapted for the stage by Thomas Olson based on the story by Margery Williams, directed by MaryAnna Nagorski, and produced by special arrangement with PLAYS FOR YOUNG AUDIENCES. 8 to 12 performers of all ages will be required.

Performances are Saturdays, December 3 - 17, 2016, at 11:00 a.m. and 1:30 p.m.

Rehearsals will be Sunday and Tuesday evenings at 7:00 pm, beginning October 4th, with some variation as needed.

All auditions consist of cold readings from the script and no appointment is required. Actors are asked to arrive fifteen minutes early and bring a headshot and a resume. NOTE: All performers auditioning for this production are strongly encouraged to be prepared for movement and physical interpretations of the toys and animals portrayed in the story.

The story of the Velveteen Rabbit by Margery Williams has delighted and moved readers since its publication in 1922 and this magical tale is lovingly rendered for the stage by Mr. Olson.

Synopsis: A boy receives a stuffed rabbit as a Christmas gift and comes to love him. When the boy becomes sick, the rabbit gives him love and makes the boy well. In return for his good deed, a fairy grants the Velveteen Rabbit life.

James (can be played by girl or boy)
Nana, the Grandmother
Velveteen Rabbit
Skin Horse

Wild Rabbit 1/Bear
Wild Rabbit 2/Clown
Doctor/Toy Soldier
Fairy/Jack in the box


The Company OnStage, Inc. (COS) , is a Texas non profit corporation with tax exempt status under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and has business offices located in southwest Houston at 9647 Hillcroft St. To purchase season tickets or make reservations, visit or call 713-726-1219 and leave a message.

Attach file:

jpg  VR_Audition_Image.JPG (1,484.05 KB)
2479__2120957cf810f1c658.jpg 1748X2238 px

Posted on: 2016/9/6 18:53
Gospodi pomilui.
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