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Professional Theatres of Houston
20 Theatres listed in the Houston Area

Professional/Semi Pro Theatres here defined as theatres that compensate their actors. Some more than others. Some of the smaller theatres will usually provide a shared profit or some other monetary compensation. While Theatres with * next to them are equity and provide scale or similar. Use the list below to "hop" to a specific Profile.

Alley Theatre
dos Chicas Productions
Express Childrens Theatre
East End Theatre Company
Ensemble Theatre
Fan Factory
Grand Old Opera House
Infernal Bridegroom

Interactive Theate Company
Mildred's Umbrella
Main Street Theatre
Shunya Theatre
Stages Repertory Theatre
Strand Theatre
Theatre Lab
Theatre Illuminata
Theatre New West

Pro Theatres of Houston

AD Players*

A.D. Players
2710 W Alabama
Houston, TX 77098

National Touring Company:
713.526.2721 ext. 115

"For 30 years the A.D. Players has been offering a statement of faith and hope through theater to audiences in Houston, TX, the United States, and the worldwide community. Founded in 1967 by Houston actress, author and playwright, Jeannette Clift George, the purpose of the A.D. Players is to be an ongoing theatrical ministry, through various mediums of communication, that reaches people throughout the world by affecting the communities in which they live with the creative signature of God."

Alley Theatre*

Phone: 1-800-259-ALLE or 713-228-8421.
Address: Alley Theatre, 615 Texas Avenue, Houston, TX 77002

The Alley Theatre is the big regional all-Equity repertory theater. They have Broadway-caliber actors and production crew. They don't always succeed, but it's always interesting, especially since Gregory Boyd got made artistic director a couple of years ago. They do a 10 play season on 2 stages.

dos chicas Productions:

The company has performed at several locations over the years: Commerce Street Art Warehouse, TemplO (Zocalo), and MidTown Performing Arts Space. Currently, all productions are held upstairs at Helios, 411 Westheimer, where they are part of their artists collective and also have two commune members on their Board of Directors.

No set "company" either, although they do have actors who perform regularly. "The word "company" is too limiting and inclusive – it implies that only a certain set of people are allowed in, and that just is not the case with us. We welcome new people and love diversity. We do compensate our actors for their time as well."

dos chicas theater commune was formed in the summer of 1997 by three friends who were tired of the over-produced works they were doing in area community theaters. The first production consisted of two-one acts: "Vampire Lesbians of Sodom" and "Sleeping Beauty or Coma" by Charles Busch. These were performed on the second floor of No Tsu Oh (EZ Credit Theater) in downtown Houston.

A non-profit,Theatre that does not have a website, and don't have a mission statement.But the "...goal from the start has been to have fun – fun for the actors and production crew as well as fun for the audience. Life is too short to get mired down in the petty squabbles that seem to pop up in most small theaters. Along the road to fun, we try to put up works that are infrequently produced (for Houston, at least) and reflect our own unique take on the piece."

To date, they have produced 21 shows. Of those 21, 4 were original works written by company members. Playwrights produced include Nicky Silver, Sam Shepherd, Jean-Paul
Sartre, Vaclav Havel, Tennessee Williams, William Shakespeare, and Harold Pinter.


East End Theatre Company

2001 Postoffice Street
Galveston Island, Texas 77550
Phone: (409) 762-3556Fax: (409) 762-3379

New Theatre on Glaveston Island...
More info coming soon.

Ensemble Theatre*

At 3535 Main St. For information,
call 713/520-0055
Phone: (713) 520-0055

Ensemble Theater: The oldest and most distinguished professional theater in the Southwest devoted to the African-American experience. The Ensemble boast two stages and a full season of productions.

Express Childrens Theatre

P.O. Box 980817
Houston, TX 77098
(713) 759-1314
email: expresstheatre@ev1

Express Children’s Theatre presents professional, culturally diverse theatre designed to entertain and educate.
With hundreds of performances each year, Express has already touched more than 2 million young lives with our mission of creating and presenting professional, culturally diverse performing arts for children and families.

Fan Factory

Performs at Midtown Arts Center
1423 Holman
Houston, Texas 77004

Phone: 832-465-4563
Email: webmaster@fanfactory.org

The Fan Factory Theatre Company Mission Statement

· Nurture unity through diversity.
· Broaden the spectrum of Houston's theatre experience with classic, modern and original productions.
· Inspire, challenge, and encourage artists.

Develop awareness through education and creativity.

Grand Old Opera House

Address: 2020 Post office, Galveston
Phone:(409) 765-1894 or (713) 480-1894 or 1-800-821-1894

The Grand 1894 Opera House in Galveston does a season of touring shows,reviews, musicals, etc. It's worth a trip just to see the theater, which has been beautifully restored.
Houston Shakespeare Festival  A great gig for equity players and good experience for those who are not. 2 shows in repertory every summer in August.

Infernal Bridegroom Productions

At The Axiom:
2524 Mckinney H, Texas, 77003
PH: 713-522-8443

Alternative, Fresh, Slightly Sexy, and Exciting theatre can be found at Houston's truly innovative theatre troupe. Every year their reputation:Locally and Nationally continues to grow. HAve a cool web site too!

One theatre space: As well as a bar and performance space for the musical bands they support. $=Stipends

Interactive Theatre:
(Currently Relocating)
Providing fun and exciting work and creative childrens fare. Also provides classes for children.

Main Street Theatre*

Main Street Theater
2540 Times Blvd.
Houston, Texas 77005
Box Office: 713-524-6706
Youth Theater Group Sales: 713-524-7998
Business Office: 713-524-3622
MSYT and KOS Admin.: 713-524-9196
email: info@mainstreettheater.com

"Main Street Theater, one of several theater companies established during the 1970's, was founded to meet two needs: to offer Houston theatergoers a more varied and challenging selection of plays and musicals and to provide a venue for training, employment and exposure for our city's professional theater artists. .."

Equity Company produces 6 shows a year as well as Children's Productions. Has two theatre venues

Mildred's Umbrella

e-mail:mildredsumbrella at hotmail.com

"Mildreds Umbrella is a small,floating theater troupe. We started two years ago at Theater New West, they did an original script called "Kama Sutra".Their second show was "Eros, A Circus", another original script which was performed at Helios. They only do original work by local writers, and have been reviewed by the Houston Press both times so far.

Shunya Theatre

Shunya Theatre
Contact us : info@shunyatheatre.org
A new Houston-based non-profit theatre troupe, dedicated to providing a voice to The South Asian community.

Shunya literally means zero, nothing, or emptiness in Sanskrit. The name comes from the Buddhist concept of nothing
as the ultimate goal of realization. The Buddhist shunya, the Hindu brahman, and the Jain atman are all closely linked. In India,
theatre traditions have always been intertwined with spiritual pursuits. Further, the name also alludes to Peter Brook’s (whose
production of the Hindu epic the Mahabharata won him both acclaim and controversy) concept of the empty space. The theatre is shunya or empty until we come together as artists and patrons to bring it to life with our collective imagination. When you start with nothing, anything is possible.


Steges Repertory Theatre


Stages Repertory Theatre
3201 Allen Parkway
Suite 101
Houston, Texas 77019-1897

Box Office 713-527-0123
Administration and Production 713-527-0220
Fax 713-527-8669

2 stages: Yeager Theatre; Arena Stage.
Main Stage Productions as well as professional Children's company: Early Stages

Stages Repertory Theatre is a professional Equity theater dedicated to providing Houston's diverse audiences with challenging, provocative theater produced with the highest artistic standards. From ground-breaking new works to modern classics, Stages brings the best of today’s theater home to Houston.

Born in the basement of a brewery in 1978, Stages was created as Houston's "maverick" theater - a place where new ideas and new voices could be heard and appreciated. The response was overwhelming, and Stages quickly became an integral part of the Houston theater community.

In 1985 Stages moved to its current two-theater facility in the historic Star Engraving Building on Allen Parkway, and this relocation paved the way for the introduction of EarlyStages, which is dedicated to producing intelligent, high-quality theater for children and their families.

Rob Bundy was named Artistic Director in 1996


Strand Theatre

Address: 2317 Ship's Mechanic Row, Galveston
Phone: (409) 763-4591

Strand Street Theater

A nice classic looking theatre in Galveston that does a variety of productions.
Theatre Lab An "Alternative" semi pro theatre. The Company manages to bring in some exciting guest artists as well as produce new innovative works.
They have one very small theatre, which only compounds their OFF-Broadway comparisons

Theatre Illuminata

Theatre Illuminata
P.O. Box 66785
Houston, TX 77266
e-mail: illuminatatx@yahoo.com

Theatre Illuminata was founded in 2001 by a group of
friends/collegues in Miami, FL. Being native Texans,
two of the founding members opened a Houston branch in
2002. Last year, Theatre Illuminata produced X-Treme
Cabaret (a fundraiser variety show), The Gnadiges
Fraulein and Shakespeare: Love & Wrath. Theatre
Illuminata will produce another X-Treme Cabaret
fundraiser and two more plays this year. A web site
is coming soon...

Theatre New West
1415 California St.
Information Coming soon:


Now housed at The Hobby Center for performing arts

800 Bagby, Suite 200
Houston, TX 77002-2525
Phone: (713)558-2600 Fax: (713)558-2650
Single Tickets: (713)558-8887 E-mail: tuts@tuts.com

Theatre Under The Stars (TUTS), founded in 1968 by Frank M. Young, is Houston’s acclaimed musical theatre production company. Since producing, directing and conducting TUTS’ first production, Bells Are Ringing, Mr. Young has guided the non-profit company to national acclaim through 34 seasons of more than 200 musicals. The longest-running head of any major arts organization in Houston, Mr. Young now serves as TUTS’ President and CEO.

During its 34 seasons, TUTS, which is one of America’s largest non-profit producers of musical theatre, has produced a total of 39 Premieres, including 11 World Premieres, one U.S. Premiere, three Southwest Premieres, and 24 Houston Premieres.

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