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Actors Theatre of Louisville
Actors Theatre of Louisville along with the Alley Theatre of Texas is recognized as an important Regional Theatre company in the Southeast.

Actors Theatre of Louisville
ATL was was born on 1964 byRichard Block and Ewel Cornett. Block and Cornett had both formed their own companies prior to their teaming. Block having organized a group called Theatre Louisville, and Cornett, Actors Inc. The two merged their two groups and on december 18, 1964, in a small loft, ATL had officially opened for businees.

Atls first season of six productions ran for twenty four weeks, with 16,000 admissions. () They would soon receive a grant from the Rokefeller Foundation which allowed them to increase their second season to 8 productions for thirty weeks. The company grew rapidly under the management team of Block-Cornett. In 1967 its subscription sales peaked at 5,700 an increase of over 300 percent since 1965. The result was a budget of 198,000 nearly twice as much as they had three years prior. As a result of their success and increasing critical support the group acquired grasnts from the NEA, the Kentucky Arts Commission, and the Ford Foundation.

In 1969, Block was willingly replaced by Jon Jory . Jon Jory, most known for his artistic direction of the Long Wharf Theatre., of New Haven, CT took well to his new mission. He set about rebuilding many aspects of the theatre. Including, lighter, contemporary season, a smaller resident company, more guest performers and increased the salaries of those remaining in the company. He is also known for expanding on the theatre-going experience as a whole. For instance, attractions other than the play itself, and promoting the unification of the arts in Louisville. He also managed to increase attendance by 50 percent over 1968-1969.
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