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Jane Alexander
A very Brief Overview of Jane Alexander, as artist and Leader of NEA.
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Jane Alexander

Ms. Alexander has had an accomplished career. In her time not only was she an award winning actress, producer and author, working in her art, but she also tried to influence change in the world of art itself.

Born on October 28, 1939 in Boston, Massachusetts, she attended Sarah Lawrence College and University of Edinburgh. She has since been in 40 movies and television programs, and performed in over 100 plays all over the country. Ms. Alexander received six Tony, four Academy, and five Emmy nominations. She received a Tony Award for The Great White Hope and an Emmy Award for Playing For Time.

Ms. Alexander became an activist of sorts supporting many worthwhile causes. She would as a result, earn the 1988, Living Legacy: Jehan Sadat Peace Award in recognition of her leadership. Five years later she would be offered a job title that would affect the Arts in America.
On October 8, 1993 Ms. Alexander was appointed the sixth Chairman of the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) by president Clinton.

During her chairmanship, she launched many initiatives that supported and/or examined the health of non-profit arts organizations, artists around the country and community involvement’s in the arts as well as help define the Endowments role in them. The result was the launching of many programs too numerous to list here.

Another major initiative was the convening of the first national arts conference organized by the federal government, ART 21: Art Reaches Into the 21st Century.

The conference of April 1994, brought together more than 1,000 artists, arts administrators, and government leaders, to examine the role of the artists in society, education of, and the future health of the nonprofit arts in America. Again resulting in the seeding of many programs to be launched by the NEA in the future.
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