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JoAnne Akalatis
A brief Summary of JoAnne Akalatis. Co founder of Mabou Mines, Directer, Artist 'innovator'.

JoAnne Akalatis

Born in 1937, Akalatis has proven herself to be a versatile actress and director. She is most noted for her work with Mabou Mines, of which, she is a founding member. Over the years her work with this experimental theatre company is the best demonstration of both her aesthetic and mission as an artist.

The Mabou Mines theatre co. was founded in 1970 by Akalatis, Lee Brevie and Ruthth Malequiz, in San Francisco. Herein, a performance style was developed that included, Acting, mixed media, and interesting narrative technique that differed from what was the common view of theatre. This, yielded collaborative work with varying artists from sculptors and painters to musicians and video artists. Thereby, creating pieces that offered a variant form in the theatre as well as a catalyst for new work. The group was known for its interpretations of Beckett and the production and development of absurd theatre.

Shows like 1982ís Dead End Kids and 1984ís Through the Leaves brought her critical success as a director and interpreter. Often experimenting with gender reversal in well known plays, her style and efforts with Mabou Mines won the company an Obie Award in 1986.

Akalatis has been an important part of American Theatre. Her work with MM and without is the kind of theatre that will continue to find ways to adapt and grow. And, thus inspire and (even anger) the common theatre goers. Such work is a constant reminder that theatre is a growing and adaptable part of our artistic world.
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