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Silent Sky Auditions

Subject: Silent Sky Auditions
by PearlTheater on 2018/7/31 8:59:06

Silent Sky
by Lauren Gunderson

In Lauren Gunderson’s witty, fictionalized portrayal of her life, Henrietta Swan Leavitt receives the opportunity of a lifetime when she is called to join Harvard’s corps of “computers”. With her compatriots, Annie Jump Cannon and Wilhelmina Flemming, Leavitt searches photographs of the night sky, mapping the stars in order to determine our place in the galaxy. Family and romance vie for her attention as she catalogues the stars, and she is torn between a life of love, of duty, and of devotion to her science.

Leavitt’s struggle as a woman in a male-dominated scientific field remains relevant today. Though many barriers to entry in physics and astronomy have been overcome, women still face being paid less than men across the board, and women of color particularly face unique challenges in science academia and industry. The Pearl’s production of Silent Sky seeks to explore through Leavitt’s story a common root in the challenges faced by Leavitt and her contemporaries and by broad range of women of color in science today.


August 5, 3pm
August 6, 7pm

Women of color are particularly encouraged to audition. Please bring headshot or current photo and updated resume'.


October 5 - 21, 2018


Wilhelmina Flemming: ~40s-50s, A fellow computer, older than Cannon or Leavitt.
Annie Jump Cannon: ~30s-40s, Head of the women computers, a serious, focused woman.
Margaret Leavitt: ~30s, Musician and composer, sister to Henrietta, devoted to family.
Peter Shaw: ~30s-50s, astronomer, assistant to Harvard Observatory Director Edward Pickering. In love with Leavitt.

For more information on auditions, please feel free to contact us .Pearl-Theater