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Fighting Spam - Re-thinking Site - New Sign ups and more

Subject: Fighting Spam - Re-thinking Site - New Sign ups and more
by Staff on 2017/3/14 9:03:41

Since 2001 Theatreport has been engaged in actively promoting Houston Theatre. Now as Membership And Traffic are at an all time high - member engagement is at an all time low.
We are re-thinking Theatreport and will be possibly re-launching this spring. Once we do, we hope you all get involved and use this free resource to engage each other in the Arts.

If you have suggestions, tips or want to help in any way please feel free to click on the Contact Us link !

Also, please remember TheatrePort is a volunteer run group! We do not offer compensation and we do not charge for participation.

Thank you everyone for staying involved, keep getting those stories in! We typically Schedule Updates on Mondays .

Currently NEW MEMBERSHIP sign ups are CLOSED due to aggressive spammers - (which we have recently worked hard to Purge from the site) until we implement new security. However, if you want to register to submit stories, post blogs etc. please just click the Contact Us link, send us a note, and we will send you a private invitation.

-That's all for now-
Have a great Run!