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Posted by: Staffon 2007/6/12 6:40:00 3557 reads Stages Repertory Theatre's 2007-2008 Season Lineup

Stages Repertory Theatre's 2007 - 2008 season includes seven full productions. It kicks off this summer with Late Nite Catechism, a riotously funny international hit comedy that takes audiences back to their school days with a show that's part interactive catechism class, part stand-up comedy routine...

Every unique performance brings new laughs, so even the most reluctant pupils will be clamoring to get into this Sister's class.

July 13 - September 20, 2007
Previews July 11 & 12

FALL 2007 – The American Songbook

Directed by Mark Ramont
By Stephen Temperley

This intimate, warm-hearted comedy recounts the real-life cult success of society matron Florence Foster Jenkins, whose wildly popular charity concerts in the 1930s and '40s culminated in a sold-out recital at Carnegie Hall. The catch? She couldn't sing a note. Utterly, unbelievably tone-deaf, Jenkins was blissfully unaware that her devoted fans were stifling laughs, not cheers. Her loyal accompanist describes their adventures with wit and tenderness, illuminating the deep passion that inspired Jenkins’s unusual career.

September 7 - 30, 2007
Previews September 5 & 6

By Frank Higgins
Directed by Brad Dalton

In the 1930s, Susannah is a "song collector" for the Library of Congress when she encounters Pearl in a Texas prison. Descended from slaves, Pearl is a living library of forgotten folk songs and looks like Susannah's ticket to fame and fortune. But Pearl has plans of her own, and she uses her songs as currency to negotiate her family's future. Powerful, honest and wryly funny, this world premiere play traces the little-known roots of many beloved American songs.

October 19 - November 11, 2007
Previews October 17 & 18

HOLIDAY 2007 - Holy Hit!

Book by Kevin Del Aguila, Music and Lyrics by Gary Adler & Michael Patrick Walker
Directed by Scott Thompson

Broadway's smash hit musical sensation comes to Houston! Armed with angelic voices, divine dance moves and plenty of hair gel, the Altar Boyz are a Christian boy-band (with one nice Jewish boy) looking for their big break and saving souls along the way. Packed with clever lyrics and catchy tunes, this hilarious, tongue-in-cheek spoof pokes gentle fun at modern religion as these pop-loving apostles convert the world's sinners one adoring fan at a time.

December 7, 2007 - January 13, 2008
Previews December 5 & 6

WINTER 2008 – A Festival Celebrating the Work of Craig Wright

By Craig Wright
Directed by Brad Dalton

Imprisoned by a totalitarian regime and mercilessly tortured for unknown crimes, Wallace and Valdez live without hope of escape or release. When an enigmatic new prisoner arrives and begins communicating in code, both men develop new relationships to each other, their captors, and themselves. A darkly humorous examination of faith in an uncertain world.

February 1 - 17, 2007
Previews January 30 & 31

By Craig Wright
Directed by Leslie Swackhamer

A hunting trip in southern Illinois turns suddenly tragic as three old friends, caught in the grip of an ongoing argument about the war in Iraq, reveal long-held political beliefs and discover that they may not know one another as well as they had believed. As the truth emerges, individual motives become clear and alliances shift, until one thing seems certain: after this walk in the woods, nothing will ever, ever be the same.

February 29 - March 16, 2008

Previews February 27 & 28

SPRING 2008 - Kids in America

By Richard Dresser
Directed by Kenn McLaughlin

Don and Michael are two well-meaning dads eager to coach their sons' Little League team to victory – as soon as they can agree on exactly what that means! Veteran coach Don wants to win at all costs; newcomer Michael just wants the kids to have fun. Stuck together for an entire season, they struggle to resolve their differences and get their team to the championship. This side-splitting send-up of modern parenting hits a home run with its comic look at raising kids in a world where winning is everything.

April 4 - 20, 2008
Previews April 2 & 3

By Noah Haidle
Directed by Alex Harvey

In this grown-up play about playing grown-up, Lucy is a precocious four-year-old with an alarmingly adult imagination. Her imaginary friend Mr. Marmalade comes accessorized with cell phone, personal assistant and a very busy schedule, and when he misses their tea-party date (again), Lucy throws him over for the suicidal five-year-old next door. In a disturbingly funny whirlwind of food fights, &#$!o mags, tea sets and coke habits, Lucy enacts a wild vision of adult dysfunction seen through a child's eyes.

May 16 - June 1, 2008
Previews May 14 & 15

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