Local News: Ignite the Passion:-The Ensemble Theatre- announces 2007-2008 Season Line Up

Posted by: Ensembleon 2007/6/27 6:10:00 2067 reads The Ensemble theatre, the oldest and largest professional African-American theatre in the Southwest announces their 2007-2008 season line up.

New works and regional and world premieres sprinkle this upcoming season as well as a popular favorite, at the Ensemble theatre in Houston, a season which is dubbed "Ignite the Passion"

by Charles Randolph Wright -
Lyrics by Nona Hendrix
Drama/Comedy/PG-13 Regional Premier

Production Run: 9/22-10/21/07
Preview Dates: 9/22, 9/23, 9/26
Opening Night: 9/27/07

The story of a young man, Reuben’s coming of age instilled with the gifts of possibility, hope and the spirit that allow him to succeed in life. A play with music, humor and honesty that expresses our shared similarities-kids disagreeing with their parents, teenagers trying find their place in the world, people forced to get along with their in-laws and life continuing on around us. The fractures in the Clark family’s smooth veneer goes almost unnoticed, but for the constant crackle of the worn blues records serenading the lady of the house as the key to a family secret is unveiled.

The Twelve Ways of Christmas
By Carlton Leake
Musical/General /Audiences World Premier
Production Run: 11/17-12/30/07
Preview Dates: 11/17, 11/18, 11/21
Opening Night: 11/23/07


In the world of countless experiences comes The Twelve Ways of Christmas, using the sounds of jazz, rhythm and blues, and gospel to give an excellent musical depiction of the varying perspectives of one’s holiday. The audience is sure to find its own meaning of Christmas in this captivating soulful production.

Gem of the Ocean-by August Wilson
Drama/PG-13 Regional Premier

Production Run: 1/26-2/24/08
Preview Dates: 1/26, 1/27,1/30
Opening Night: 1/31/08

Aunt Esther, the drama’s 287 year old fiery matriarch, welcomes into her Hill District home Solly Two Kings, who was born into slavery and scouted for the Union Army, and Citizen Barlow, a young man from Alabama searching for a new life. She sets him on a spiritual journey to find a city in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. The essential quality of strength, endurance, and community is the adhesive that connects the characters together.


Sty of the Blind Pig
by Phillip Hayes Dean

Production Run: 3/15-4/13/08
Preview Dates: 3/15, 3/16, 3/19
Opening Night: 3/20/08

Just before the Civil Rights Movement begins to burgeon, Alberta, unmarried and in her thirties, shares an apartment with her mother, Weedy, an old-fashioned black woman who finds solace for her trouble in religion. Unexpectedly, a wandering street singer, Blind Jordan, comes to their door searching for a woman he once knew. The others are puzzled, and even frightened by their visitor, but Alberta offers to help him in his quest and when they are alone, all the emotional and sexual frustration struggling within her bursts forth in a scene of tremendous eloquence and power.

Ashes to Africa
by Mark Clayton Southers
Comedy/Drama New Work/PG-13 Regional Premier

Production Run: 4/26-5/25/08
Preview Dates: 4/26, 4/27, 4/30
Opening Night: 5/1/08

Marta Henderson has the awesome task of fulfilling her grandmother’s dying wish to be cremated and have her remains sprinkled over Africa. This ignites an internal explosion of family struggle. Filled with love and humor that lends to the powerful African

Ain’t Misbehavin’
The Fats Waller Musical Show-Conceived and Originally Directed by Richard Maltby, Jr.; Orchestration and Arrangements by Luther Henderson
Musical/General Audiences

Production Run: 6/21-7/20/08
Preview Dates: 6/21, 6/22, 6/25
Opening Night: 6/26/08;

It’s a vibrant musical revue and tribute to the black musicians of the early 1900’s. Highlighting the music of Thomas ‘Fats” Waller, a formidable composer and pianist with a legendary lust for life and one of the most prolific musicians of his time and an originator of swing music. Ain’t Misbehavin’ is sure to bring the house down with its wall to wall music, non-stop entertainment and American spirit.

Full Season Details online at the EnsembleHouston.com