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Posted by: mildredsumon 2007/9/25 22:10:00 2927 reads Join Mildred's Umbrella Theater co. and Bobbindoctrin Puppet Theatre for:
The 'Rotten to the Core' Gala!

October 6, 2007 from 7:00pm- 12:00am

Come out and party with Mildred’s Umbrella Theater Company and Bobbindoctrin Puppet Theatre! All proceeds from the party will go to the “Rotten to the Core” fund, which will enable the two companies to tour their recent collaboration, Rot, an original play by local playwright John Harvey...

Admission is $25 per person, and includes a buffet dinner, courtesy of Prego restaurant, wine and beer,a piano sing-a-long with Keith Reynolds, free-improv music by Houston’s own The Defenestration Unit, and a live performance by the Doomsday Wrestlers! The benefit will also feature a silent auction with art from local artists, tickets to some fantastic local events, and many other exciting items!

For Reservations or more information, email mildredsumbrella@hotmail.com or call 832-418-0973

WHO:Mildred's Umbrella Theater Co./Bobbindoctrin Puppet Theatre

WHAT:The "Rotten to the Core" Gala

WHEN: October 6, 2007, 7pm-Midnight

WHERE:DiverseWorks Art Space, 1117 East Freeway I-10 at North Main, Houston, TX 77002

HOW MUCH: $25.00 (Includes dinner, drinks, entertainment)

More information is on the web at

Mildred's Umbrella And

What Is Rot? A new play by Mildred’s Umbrella resident playwright John Harvey. What is Rot? A collaboration between two of Houston’s premier theater companies. What is Rot? A husband dying of the plague, a wife longing to move to Arizona. What is Rot? A daughter who after setting the world on fire and destroying the sun comes home to find out what happened to her dog. What is Rot? Two gentlemen sitting in the front parlor in their underwear. What is Rot? Puppets in the furniture remembering what the family would like to forget. What is Rot? A fetal pig. What is Rot? A happy death.

Mildred's Umbrella Theater Co.was formed in 2001, and has produced world or regional premiers, as well as edgy, rarely produced plays since then that have inspired press comments such as “Theatre at its best” and “A tasty bite of theatre you won’t soon forget!”. In 2006, Mildred’s Umbrella won “Best Theatre Company” in the Houston Press’s “Best of” awards.

Bobbindoctrin Puppet Theatrewas formed in In 1995, when Houston artist Jim Pirtle asked future Bobbindoctrin founder and artistic director Joel Orr to produce a puppet show for the Self Indulgent Crapfest at Zocalo Theatre. Since then, Bobbindoctrin Puppet Theatre has consistantly staged new original performances and has won “Best Nasty Puppets” in The Houston Press‘s ‘Best of‘ awards in 2000.

Keith Reynolds, a formerly homeless man, is an underground honkeytonk piano player. Usually he demands one hunded dollars cash, a bucket of fried chicken, and 47 sour gummy worms to perform for four hours. Somehow the peoples at Mildred's Umbrella tricked him into committing to this show for free while he was drunk. Keith has been playing piano since the ripe old age of four, and has a BA in Music from Bennington College. His song list currently hovers around 700-800 songs, and does not include Piano Man, or anything by Elton John. His favorite tips are the wet kind that happen in secluded dark corners.

Doomsday Wrestling, described as being like the WWE but intentionally funny, has been making crowds laugh hysterically since 2003. Originally performing at Helios’ outdoor stage in the Montrose, DOOMSDAY soon built momentum, gaining fans of wrestling, violence, and absurdist theater. DOOMSDAY performed as part of Infernal Bridegroom Productions’ 2006 annual fundraiser. Later that same year, DOOMSDAY was the main entertainment for Grassroots: Arts in Action’s first fundraiser. Since then, DOOMSDAY moved it's show into the large space of the Meridian and hopes to continue growing larger and larger still.

The Defenestration Unit, commonly known to family and friends as TDU, began in June of 1996, when trombonist Mike "Kid Ornery" Switzer and saxophonist Charlie Naked sent forth a plea for ‘free jazz’musicians in Houston to rally to their cry and come play a show on KTRU, Rice University radio, for the Local Show. Only one person came, but it was the catalyst for the beginning of The Defenestration Unit as one of Houston's leading proponents of free improvisation. TDU membership became liquid for a while, with players coming in and out from rehearsal to rehearsal, show to show, producing a string of roughhewn improv recordings, including "Content Specific," "Drenched... by Rain and Reverb," "River Fourcade," and "Dark Haggis". After several incarnations, TDU finally found its place in 2006 as Houston's finest free improv group, with founding members Charlie Naked and Kid Ornery, as well as Gator Miller on bass, Jim Otterson on guitar, and Kirk ‘Monkeyboy’ Suddreath on drums to form a 'formidable group of Houston creative types' that play regularly at venues such as Brasil, Bohemos and Superhappyfunland. Because of the free-flowing, organic nature of the music, the band is now constantly in high demand for collaborations with the independent theatre productions in the Houston area such as Ornery Productions, dos chicas theatre commune, Bobbindoctrin Puppet Theatre and Mildred’s Umbrella Theater Company.

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