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John Cash Carpenter and LSC-North Harris Presents A Full-Scale Magic Show, “Edon” for Aug 7-9.

Enter into the world of Edon, where mystery and movement are combined with the art of spell-binding illusion to create a world beyond your imagination. Cash Carpenter enlists the talents of Darwin Gilmore and a cast of six actors to create an evening of magic. This production includes world class magic illusions: Straight Jacket Escape, Snowstorm in China, Milk Can Escape, and Houdini’s Underwater Torture Escape.

This production is created by John Cash Carpenter, who has been creating magic shows for fifteen years. His productions are theatrical events unto themselves, just as any play or musical being produced for the stage. Contrary to most magicians,20Carpenter’s shows utilize no spoken dialogue within the performance. He uses music and movement as the primary tools for creating mood and fluid continuity, not to mention conveying the overall arc of the story being told. His philosophy is to allow the audiences full use of their imagination and to perceive the story based on the visual and aural images they are given. He states, “Too often we do not give audiences the chance to use their imaginations. If they have created something while being in the theatre, then they can leave feeling that they were a part of the show, not just observers.”

This will be Carpenter’s debut performance in Houston. Darwin Gilmore will join him onstage as a first time magician in Edon. Choreography and Movement will be created by Stephen Blaschke, who has worked on Carpenter’s illusion shows as a creative consultant, co-producer, director and choreographer for nine years. Blaschke remains busy as a choreographer at d ifferent theatres around Houston, but always enjoys retu rning to familiar ground.

“As a movement artist, these productions are incredibly challenging and rewarding. The performers have the responsibility of conveying all emotion, conflict, and the story itself through nothing but movement. It combines physical characterization, dance, mime, clowning, and occasionally stage combat.

Showtimes are 8 p.m. on August 7 through 9, in the LSC-North Harris Performing Arts Theatre. The college is located at 2700 W.W. Thorne Blvd., one-half mile south of FM 1960 E, between Aldine-Westfield and Hardy Roads. All tickets are $10. For information and reservations, call 281.765.7963.

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