Local News: UpStage Announces 2009 - 2010 Season

Posted by: digouton 2009/9/8 6:10:00 1571 reads Our 10th Anniversary Season is set to be even bigger and better than last season.

Agatha Christie Takes Manhattan
written by Eddie Cope and George Rapier
October 9 - 24
The famous mystery writer takes a turn at directing a Broadway play, but murder gets in the way.

Santa's Magic Timepiece
written by Ann Richie
music and lyrics by Arnold Richie
arrangements by Alice Smith
December 5 - 20

Our "can't miss" annual Christmas classic has those mischievous elves, Holly and Jolly causing lovable trouble while the awkward elf, Tink tries to figure a way to help Santa make all of his stops. Guaranteed to put your whole family in the Christmas mood.

The Sunshine Boys
written by Neil Simon
February 19 - March 6

A reprise of our very first production in celebration of our 10th Anniversary. Original cast stars Robert Lowe and Marc Shellum recreate their roles as the aging vaudeville act, The Sunshine Boys to do a one night TV special after not speaking since they parted ways many years back. This could be Simon's best.

book by James DeVita
music and lyrics by Bill Francouer
April 24 - May 9

A magical, musical, zany trip with Alice through the looking glass. This one is for the whole family with musical numbers that will have you singing and dancing and characters that will have you laughing out loud.

The Girl, The Grouch, and The Goat
book by Jack Helbig
music and lyrics by Mark Hollmann
May 28 - June 19

A Houston, Regional and Community Theatre World Premiere of the new musical by Helbig and Tony Award Winner (Urinetown) Mark Hollmann. UpStage is proud to be able to bring you this wonderful work as it makes its way towards Broadway.

It is ancient Greece and the Grouch owns the only working well in the drought laden village. Ah, romance. The wealthy widow's son seems to be smitten with the Grouch's overly protected daughter. Can romance blossom without the Grouch's water? Will love triumph over greed? Maybe.

While The Lights Were Out
written by Jack Sharkey
July 9 - 24

Another Sharkey romp through murder and laughter. A thunderstorm! The lights go out! An agonised voice! A pistol-shot! The lights come up!

A blonde in black lace stands over the dead man holding a bloody dagger! A detective examines the body and announces "He's been strangled"!

This is just the opening of one of the most astounding and hilarious murder mysteries ever staged. Every clue is a lulu and the plot twists furiously

The final solution involves the most bizarre motive ever conceived! This delightful evening of comedy mayhem gallops madly about the stage and will leave your audience breathless with surprise and laughter

The mystery is top-notch, the character marvellous and the comedy explosive!

UpStage 1st Annual Festival of Comedy
written by local playwrights
August 6 - 21

4 Original one-act comedies from Houston area playwrights. All will be Family Friendly. A perfect night to enjoy with your teens. Come vote for your favorite. Results will be posted at the conclusion of the run.

Please visit our website www.upstagetheatre.org to get more information and set your calendars for auditions.