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Into Uncharted Territory With International Collaboration and Early Modern Classics

The Classical Theatre Company (CTC), the only professional theatre company in the State of Texas devoted to the production of year round classical drama, announces its 2010-2011 season. The CTC prides itself on producing only plays that are one hundred or more years old, and in its third season, is proud to announce the addition of a third full Mainstage production in addition to its increasingly popular Reading Series. Included in the Mainstage season is CTC's first international collaboration - with the Prague Shakespeare Festival...

“I am eager to delve into the realm of early modern drama,” commented CTC’s Executive Artistic Director John Johnston, “the pieces we’ve chosen for the upcoming season were written by three of the greatest playwrights of all time. They range from the disturbingly dramatic to the riotously funny. It's shocking to me how rarely plays from this period are produced in Houston, but we're more than happy to oblige.”



by Henrik Ibsen
Based on the translation by Rolf Fjelde
Adapted for the Classical Theatre Company by John Johnston
Directed by John Johnston

October 7 – October 17, 2010
Talento Bilingue de Houston

"Scandal" is the word that is often most associated with Henrik Ibsen and his plays. Frequently banned or censored because of their scathing criticism of 19th Century morality, Ibsen's works were hotly contested by the public and the media of the day. Ghosts is no different from these, and with its powerful commentary on the topics of incest, infidelity and euthanasia, it may well have been ripped from today's headlines.

The play follows a day in the life of the widow Helene Alving as she prepares to dedicate an orphanage in the memory of her late husband, but in the process she reveals to her spiritual advisor, Pastor Manders, that the deceased Captain Alving was a vile and lecherous man. The play revolves around Mrs. Alving's afflicted son Osvald and his unhealthy obsession with Regina, their maid. It is literally the "sins of the father" made manifest. Meanwhile Helene and the pastor, strive to save her son's soul and his body before he is too far-gone.

by George Bernard Shaw
Directed by Julia Traber

January 27 - February 6, 2011
Stages Repertory Theatre

The questions pertaining to husband and wife are as old as the concept of marriage itself. Written in 1898, when the powerful roots of the women's liberation movement were taking hold, Candida fiercely asks the question, "What does a woman truly desire from her husband?" Shaw cleverly weaves into the tapestry of the play the tenets of Fabian Socialism - the basis for today's British Labour Party, and with the term "Socialism" being tossed around so frequently nowadays, it seems only fair to show its true origins.

Set in the suburbs of London, Candida is a charmingly humorous look at the bumbling Reverend Morell, a Christian Socialist, and his enchanting young wife, Candida. Their seemingly perfect marriage is rocked when a young houseguest and romantic poet, Eugene Marchbanks falls in love with Candida and makes every effort to steal her away from the Reverend. The arrival of Candida's uncouth father only continues to spoil Reverend Morell's day, and in the end, Candida must choose between the two, and answer the question: what does she want from a husband?

by William Shakespeare
co-production with Prague Shakespeare Festival
Directed by Guy Roberts

April 14 - April 24, 2011 - Houston, TX
May 12 -May 22, 2011 - Prague, Czech Republic

CTC is very proud to announce a collaborative production with the Prague Shakespeare Festival (PSF), in the form of William Shakespeare's As You Like It. Adapted and directed by PSF Artistic Director Guy Roberts, this production will combine both Czech and Houston area actors. As You Like It will run both in Houston and then subsequently in Prague a few weeks later.

As You Like It is one of William Shakespeare's most beloved comedies, and follows the exploits of the conspiring lovers Rosalind and Orlando. Set in the mystical Forest of Arden, the play has a plot with twists and turns, women disguised as men, men dressed as women, wrestling matches and political intrigue, and speaks that unforgettable truth, "All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players."


The Cricket on the Hearth and Other Christmas Stories
by Charles Dickens
Directed by Kate Pogue

December 15, 2010
Brazos Bookstore

This collection of stories written by Charles Dickens, who in his time was known as "Father Christmas", are all central to a holiday theme. Read and performed by local actors, these stories will be the perfect way to warm the heart of even the biggest Scrooge.

The Doctor of Love
by Moliere
Directed by Kalob Martinez

February 13, 2011
Brazos Bookstore

CTC continues a tradition with its fourth day-before-Valentine's Day love play reading with Moliere's hilarious Doctor of Love. This bawdy comedy centers on Sganarelle as he tries to avoid getting married to the lusty Lucinde. To gain his sympathy she feigns illness and Sganarelle is forced to call for a team of quack doctors. This opens the door for Moliere to relentlessly mock the entire medical profession, but only just before Sganarelle is finally tricked into marriage by the conniving Lucinde.

The Classical Theatre Company (CTC) is dedicated to boldly re-envisioning classical drama on the stage, in the community, and in the classroom through engaging and enlightening plays that brings them new life and relevance while maintaining the integrity that the works deserve.

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