Posted by: digouton 2003/6/11 18:00:00 2939 reads For those who don't know, the Houston Press has decided to remove all Community Theater listings from its paper. Their "justification" is that there is not enough space and you can find them online on their website. How very tragic! The very community that supported this paper and made it successful is being slapped in the face.

It is the Community Theater that NEEDS these listings. Our funds come from donations and grants. Ticket sales never cover expenses. We cannot afford to advertise at the rates that can be expended by Regional Theater. It would seem that the Press has adopted the Chronicle's attitude that Community Theater is not worth the effort. Truth is many wonderful productions are presented each season that rival and surpass the Regional Theaters and on a shoestring budget. It is up to all of us to let the Press know that we do not accept this slight. Please e-mail them to with your complaint. You must include your full name, address and phone number. I guess that is to discourage complaints.