Hot Topic: Producers Walk Out on Equity

Posted by: Staffon 2004/6/29 13:49:15 2749 reads The League of American Theatres and Producers and Actors Equity Association were under a deadline to come to terms with an agreement by midnight on set salaries and benefits for Broadway productions and national touring shows. According to reports, by 10:45pm any hope for negotiation was halted when representatives for the producers walked out while an Equity negotiator spoke…

In order to keep a strike from occurring, Equity released a statement Sunday night, “Actors’ Equity is instructing its members to report to work at their theatres until the Council convenes this week to determine a course of action. Actors’ Equity will keep Broadway and the road lit!”

The League has also been under scrutiny by AEA due to non-union touring productions, which has reportedly cost its members 21,000 workweeks over the last five years. Despite the walk out, both sides are feeling positive that they will come to an agreement.

UPDATE 6/30: AEA announced that negotiations with the League of American Theaters and Producers will continue on Tuesday, July 6, 2004 at 1pm. Performances will continue into the forseeable future.