On the Run: Hune Co. Presents: BLACKBIRD - The Living Room Series

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Only 20 audience members each night. A truly unique experience.
Nov. 19 - Dec. 5

BLACKBIRD is the reunion of Ray and Una; 15 years after their passionate affair when he was 40 and she was 12. The two are both confronted with their past when Una arrives unannounced at Ray's office.

Guilt, rage, and raw emotions run high as they recollect the shattering consequences of their relationship.

Without any moral judgments, the play never shies away from the brutal truth of this abandoned and unconventional love.
Tension is potent in the small confines of the Living Room. This is theatrical drama at its best.

*This production contains themes of sexual abuse and is for mature audiences.
Purchase Tickets at: www.hunecompany.com

November 19 - December 5 (no performance on 11/26)
Wednesdays and Thursdays - 7:30 PM
Fridays and Saturdays - 8:00 PM
General Admission $28.00
Student $20.00
Free Beer and Wine at Every Performance
Seating is extremely limited.

It is highly suggested you pre-order your tickets online.
Purchase Tickets at: http://www.hunecompany.com

*Greg Dean and Valentina Olarte in BLACKBIRD. Photo by Samuel Herrera

What audiences are saying about Hune Company's Living Room Series:
"Fantastic work!"

"Outstanding! Don't miss it. Seriously. (and with just a few seats, you'd better hurry.)"

When I saw it, in the end I was clapping in Morse code: 'flawless'."

"Don't waste another second and go buy tickets for Hune Company.... A terrifically unique experience. You've never seen production like it."

"...Representative of everything good that is happening in our theatre community. Do yourself a favor and get a ticket to this one of a kind night of thought provoking entertainment."

"If you didn't catch This Is Our Youth, make sure you get tickets for Blackbird. I'll be sure to get mine!"

What critics are saying about BLACKBIRD:
"The gifted David Harrower's intense BLACKBIRD promises to be the most powerful drama of the season…masterly, mesmerizing…extraordinary…a miracle." —NY Times.
"Four stars! This haunting, powerful, incendiary work is the sort of daring theater far too absent from our stages these days." —NY Post.
"A provocative, shocking and worthwhile new play. Playwright David Harrower is definitely a name to watch." —NY Daily News.
"A fascinating and unnerving ninety-minute cat-and-mouse tale of revenge and sexual intrigue, with genuine theatricality and undeniable shock value." —Associated Press.
"An Ibsenite inquiry into the past…psychological insight, creation of characters and nice sociological detail…Poignant." —Evening Standard (London).