Recently Closed: IBP hosts GYPSY BABY at the Axiom

Posted by: anthonyon 2004/9/7 7:06:00 2450 reads Topical and Trappakeepa & Girth by Lindsay Kayser
at the Axiom, September 23 - October 2, 2004
SIX NIGHTS ONLY - Thursday, September 23 - $5.99
Remaining performances ($10) - Sept. 24, 25, 30 and Oct. 1 and 2

Three whip-smart ladies from Austin make up Gypsy Baby Theater, and we at IBP think they’re supercool. That’s why we’re hosting them here at The Axiom. For only two weeks in September Gypsy Baby will present...

... two original works: Topical, two short monologues written by Gypsy Baby co-founder and Houston native Lindsay Kayser, as well as their full-length production Trappakeepa & Girth, also written by Kayser with music by IBP Artistic Director Anthony Barilla.

Gypsy Baby Theater was born in a pool - not a birthing pool, but the pool at the Austin Motel. On a starry night 2 years ago Lindsay Kayser, Susie Williams, and Mandy Wolfson – who’d been teaming up for various theater projects since meeting at Northwestern University – took a dip and started dreaming big. A few mild contractions later, Gypsy Baby Theater was born. Since arriving in Texas in 2003 the women of Gypsy Baby have dedicated themselves to producing cutting edge works as well as new plays, and have been making plenty of waves in the process.

Gypsy Baby made their presence in Austin known immediately in 2003 with sold out productions of Mac Wellman’s Whirligig and Lindsay Kayser’s Topical. Last winter, their silent, black and white send up of prescription drugs - The Living Wage - was voted “Best of the Fest” in Austin’s FronteraFest. After seeing them in action IBP artistic director Anthony Barilla practically begged Kayser to collaborate with him – the result was the premiere of Kayser’s Trappakeepa & Girth at the Austin Playhouse Second Stage this past April.

Trappakeepa & Girth features veteran IBP company member Cary Winscott in the role of Girth, with musical support from IBP company members Cathy Power and Chris Bakos. It’s the story of an Internet romance between a man and a girl who, upon meeting in person, struggle with the disappointment of the real thing in themselves and each other. The exchanging E-mails are performed live on stage as songs. Topical is two short monologues also written by Kayser.

At Infernal Bridegroom, we’re such big fans of Gypsy Baby, that we want everyone in Houston to get to experience them. So not only are we presenting Trappakeepa & Girth and Topical together on the same night for one low-ticket price, but all tickets (except the $5.99 opening night performance) will be only $10. Come check out your favorite theater company’s favorite theater company: a group that’s breaking boundaries and reworking theater for the modern world.