Local News: Bobbindoctrin Puppet Festival SUBMISSIONS WANTED

Posted by: hellowdarmon 2004/8/24 23:56:00 2131 reads Bobbindoctrin 1st Annual Puppet Festival

A festival of five-minute puppet plays by local Houston arts of all media.
The ever so populist Bobbindoctrin Puppet Theater's staging a festival and we want YOU to do all the work!

We'll give you the stage to direct and perform your own five minute puppetry vignettes to the amazement of all your friends and people you also do not know! We want you to come take part in a diverse and eclectic mix of low and high brow performances...

Wow us with your high concept creativity and daring, whether it's with marrionettes, shadow puppets, found objects, action figures, hand puppets, or something really cool and novel that we haven't even thought of yet. It's just got to be neat and it's got to be short, remember brevity is the soul of wit.

That's right - dance monkey, dance for us!

Artists interested in performing at the showcase should submit proposal forms via mail or email to Bobbindoctrin by September 31 with a basic premise and treatment. We will supply venue (Helio's Nov. 19th, 20th), a booth stage, a tabletop stage, a projection screen, and a PA to play artist supplied audio. BPT artists are available for questions and pointers on any aspect of the process.

Email questions to Jenny Campbell at
or go to www.bobbindoctrin.org for more info and emailable performance proposal.

or print and send to:
Bobbindoctrin Puppet Theatre
3201 Allen Parkway, Suite 150
Houston, TX 77019

November 19 and 20, 2004
Friday and Saturday at 8pm and 10:30
Helios @ 411 Westheimer, Houston TX