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Posted by: Outreachon 2006/1/31 9:50:00 1942 reads Theatreport Houston's premiere online web zine for the performing arts is looking for columnists!

In existence for three years now Theatreport is putting out its own open call for volunteer columnists! That's right get your own column published on Theatreport! You don't have to be from Houston, you just have to be passionate about your topic.

Our site often discusses theatre, film and the arts on a broader scale than just our city. Read more for details on this unique opp. and how you can benefit from participating in this volunteer project..


Desired topic examples include:
Technical Theatre Tips
Stage Craft tips
Performance styles or techniques
Global Theatre Gossip
Arts Action in the U.S
Opinion Articles
Film Performance, tips,
Alternative incomes for artists
Film Making
Regional Arts Issues
and more!

Just about anything arts related goes but remember this is more than a blog (we do have blogs too) these are the type of columns you would see in an online version of your favorite newspaper, each column gets archived with your Footer and byline on every column.

For a demo example visit here:
Demo Example

Republish your older articles or write a new one! Once a week, twice a month, once month you choose the frequency.
This is a volunteer effort and you will not receive $ compensation for this. So how do you benefit?

Here are some ways!

-You care about the arts and want your voice heard
-You are knowledgeable about something you would like to share
-you own a website or blog and could use some cross traffic (your website and link are in your columns footer, Theatreport is a high traffic site)
-You are a writer and seeking some small notoriety, practicing for your big media break!
-You are already a published columnist, but your editor often cuts your work up to shreds!
Publish those snippets here and link to your existing column.

It will be read:
Average Daily unique visitors:491 Average Daily page views:4161.32 Daily web wide Hits:40,000

And, Ultimately we simply encourage you to participate in an effort to keep attention foused on the arts and maybe help/inform/share with your peers !

Not sure of the columnist structure is for you? Inquire about Blogs.
-Interested parties Please visit our web site...check it out, check out the demo section (called talkin’ shop for now, it
will simply be called Columns) View the sample and contact us!

Already know your interested?

Submit your proposal by filling out information here:

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*We don't spam or ever sell your info. We are a volunteer group and easy to communicate with. There's no catch.

--Submission Deadline: Ongoing:

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