Local News: bobbindoctrin Puppet Theatre Presents Sex, Puppets, & Rock & Roll

Posted by: Staffon 2006/7/1 5:50:00 2847 reads SEX, PUPPETS and ROCK & ROLL
10th Anniversary Celebration

July 8, 2006

SEX, PUPPETS and ROCK & ROLL at The Meridian Bobbindoctrin Puppet Theatre honors its 10 years of adult-oriented puppet decadence with a one-night-only extravaganza. Hosted by the indecent feline antics of Leopard Boy, the anniversary gala features the mythical rock sounds of the Seximals and the East Montrose Sterno Sippers. A “Friar’s Club” style roast will be inflicted upon Bobbindoctrin artistic director Joel Orr, a pitiful soul worthy of the cruelties satire affords...

The film “Fake Blood and Busted Dowels” will be premiered, featuring highlights from the illustrious 10 years of Bobbindoctrin puppet show history, with clips from the Punchface series, Corpus Struwwelpeter, The Mole, The Black Box, No Vocab Man, Ivan the Fool, Acis & Galatea, The Mauist, The Crime of the Assistant Master Butler, The Noblest of Drugs, and the Danse Macabre series, interspersed with a revealing interview with Joel Orr. Throughout the venue, the legendary puppets of Bobbindoctrin history will be exhibited and auctioned.

The Silent Auction focuses on items provided by Sex Industry Specialists, naughty minded local artists and various pleasure dens in the Houston area.

The year was 1996, and local playwright Joel Orr had a bad reputation. Local actors had grown wary of being cast in his plays that often called for their mutilation, immolation and general humiliation. Rather than turning his back on the cruel potentials of theater, Orr decided that actors were imperfect tools for his vision, and with a small cabal of local artists he formed Bobbindoctrin Puppet Theater. The company had auspicious beginnings, first with the serial Punchface, a story so filled with trauma and despair it required three parts to tell it all. Then, Bobbindoctrin leaders invaded local nightclubs with short, violent and explosively funny plays that told stories of kidnapped children forced into strange storytime bondage, a man with no vocabulary who learns finally to speak with a gun, a cruel mole borne of sad tidings, and an ominous black box which decried the state of existence in a taped loop of screams. And thus Houston theater was irrevocably changed by means of slow, meticulous and painful scarification.

Ten years and over fifty plays later, the lightly littered trench of puppet corpses had transformed into a mountain of grotesque half-faces, outstretched hands with wire skeletons exposed, busted dowel rods and neoprene shavings all caulked together with a congealed sea of fake blood. In the vast wreckage, the occasional body can be made out in mock intermingling: a fat, oafish butler, crazed Satanic imps, a flattened Cyclops, a long-necked, one-eyed prostitute with a heart of coal, a balsa Samoan and many raw, stripped skeletons—all intertwined into a crushing mass. Said Orr of the tragic wasteland: "This is nothing. After ten years, we're just getting warmed up. Just wait and see what the next ten bring."

Event Info:
Musical entertainment by the East Montrose Sterno Sippers and the Seximals. A "Friar's Club" style roast of artistic director Joel Orr hosted by local celebrities Film of the last 10 years of Bobbindoctrin highlights
Exhibition of past BPT puppets, sets and photography Hosted by Leopard Boy

Dress: Suggestive to downright nasty

Cost: $25

Date & Location: July 8th @ 8pm.
At the Meridian, 1503 Chartres, Houston TX
For tickets, call Bobbindoctrin at 713-526-7434

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