Local News: dos chicas theater commune: Preview Party and Fundraiser

Posted by: dctcon 2006/11/7 7:50:00 3352 reads dos chicas theater commune presents:
Sadomasochistic Xmas
fundraiser and preview party!
Saturday, November 18,

dos chicas theater commune’s Company and Board invite you to their “Sadomasochistic Xmas” Preview Party & Fundraiser. For the last 9 years, all dos chicas work has been 99% self-funded; we have not asked for donations to produce our shows or to support our company. We have only had one other fundraiser...

, shared with our friends at Mildred’s Umbrella. This is our first fundraiser ever since becoming non-profit in 2004.[/size]

Over the last 9 years, we have produced works by William Shakespeare, Harold Pinter, Jean Paul Sartré, Sam Shepard, Israel Horovitz, Charles Busch, Alan Bowne, Tennessee Williams, Karl Capek, Michel Tremblay, Nicky Silver, Vaclav Havel, Anthony Schaffer, Aristophanes, Oscar Wilde, Sophocles, eight world premieres of original works and one adaptation by our Resident Playwright, Bob Morgan, productions encompassing original works from other local playwrights, and one original work and two adaptations by other company members. We are very proud of the work we have been sharing with Houston audiences over those years, and very happy we have survived and made it to our 10th season doing it on our own. We hope to continue to bring you unusual, original and infrequently produced works with our own special dos chicas touch for many more years to come.

We hope you all will come on out and party with us, enjoy a preview of our annual alternative to A Christmas Carol, and help us raise money for our upcoming season

7:30 - 8:30 PM
Pre-show drinks and hors d’oeuvres provided by Panera Bread and Prego Restaurant

8:30 - 10:30 PM
A special preview of “Sadomasochistic Xmas”

10:30 PM - 1:00AM
More drinking!

WHEN:Saturday, November 18, 2007

WHERE:Freneticore Theater, 5102 Navigation Street in Houston’s historic East End

TIME:7:30 pm - 1:00 am

HOW MUCH:$20/person (discounted tickets available for groups of 6 or more)


This is the third version of “Sadomasochistic Xmas.” It was originally produced in 2003 as a one-act, along with “Immaculate Contraception,” both original works by our resident playwright Bob Morgan. We wanted to offer an alternative to the traditional holiday productions, and people really seemed to enjoy it. It was produced again in 2004 after being fleshed out into a full-length play. We skipped it for 2005, and so many people asked why we hadn’t done it, that we decided to bring it back for 2006. DIRECTOR: David Anderson. CAST: Jennifer Decker, Paul Drake, Bob Morgan, and Anne Zimmerman. STORY: A modern-day June and Ward Cleaver, Steve & Susan met on Christmas Eve 15 years ago, and after all this time, the love and passion they feel for each other has grown even stronger. Through openly discussing and exploring their sexual desires and needs, they’ve cultivated a relationship based on trust and honesty. Their Christmas wish has always been simple: to help couples in trouble learn to achieve the level of bliss they have. Bill and Beth have been chosen as this year's recipients of Steve and Susan's own special brand of Christmas charity - and couples therapy. The plan is simple - a stiff regimen of torture, torment, domination, and humiliation. With Steve and Susan forcing the couple to look deep inside themselves and their relationship, Bill and Beth will ultimately face their fears and open up the lines of communication so vitally necessary to expressing their needs and developing a fulfilling relationship.

The Defenestration Unit, commonly known as TDU, began in June of 1996, when trombonist Mike Switzer and saxophonist Charlie Naked sent forth a plea for free jazz musicians in Houston to rally to their cry and come play a show on KTRU, Rice University radio, for the Local Show. Only one person came, but it was the enthusiasm of J.J. Watson on euphonium which proved to be the catalyst for the trio's consolidation into a regular band. After adding drummer Bir Grumbacher, the quartet explored spontaneous free improvisation. When Grumbacher left to return home, membership in the group became liquid, with players coming in and out from rehearsal to rehearsal, show to show. Eventually, TDU dissolved. Rejuvenated again in 2002 to become a more song-oriented band, with Switzer, Naked, Vaughan Boone, Ted Hill (and later bassist Leroy Bell), trumpeter Jack Babylon, and guitarist Jim Otterson playing a funk/free jazz fusion. By mid-2004, only Switzer, Naked, and Otterson remained, reforming the latest TDU as a psychedelic band influenced in large part by free jazz, krautrock, and Miles Davis' early 70s fusion work. With the departure of more members, the band brought in Jeff Miller on bass and Kirk Suddreath on drums in mid-2006, contributing to a significantly amped up and psychedelic sound than previous versions of TDU.

Rick Mantler has been playing the guitar since he was 13. After studying as a teenager with underground Houston guitar legend Erich Avenger, he played in a series of local rock bands: Strange Brew, House Ten, Coochie Rat, The Patridge Family, and finally, Tongue In Groove which released their first CD, “Good For Me, Good For You” in 2001. While playing in and out of those same bands, Rick championed the idea that one man armed with an electric guitar could create effective and compelling music (live music!) that would complement and add cinematic interest to theater (live theater!). Some of the first shows he experimented with were performed at the now defunct Zocalo theater on Feagan street during its early and best years in the mid-to-late 90's. “Media Darlings” and “Crime Spectacular” were among the first shows he played for. Later he played for dos chicas’ “Bad Girls, Big Guns,” and recorded the soundtrack for “Porn Stars Gone Bad” with members of Tongue In Groove. Mantler took a long, strange hiatus of sorts from 2001-2005, but is grateful to have emerged with a neurotic abundance of creative energy and is looking forward to future opportunities to collaberate with dos chicas and others in the creative Houston community.