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What would Shakespeare be today?

Shakespeare and Modern Audiences
We came across this image, and then we found the article...couldn't resist...especially given recent discussions (and of course the pic).

"If Shakespeare were alive today, there's no telling what his place in pop culture might be. Musically, he might be another tattoo-branded Eminem or Tupac Shakur, scribbling out reams of rhymes on barroom cocktail napkins (but with a decidedly broader world view). If he gravitated toward TV...

From the Denver Post 07/07/03
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For those who don't know, the Houston Press has decided to remove all Community Theater listings from its paper. Their "justification" is that there is not enough space and you can find them online on their website. How very tragic! The very community that supported this paper and made it successful is being slapped in the face.
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