Pastorini-Bosby & Ensemble Theatre Talk to Curtain Call

Date 2007/8/15 7:50:00 | Topic: Local News

Curtain Call- Houston's Fine Arts Podcast Talks to Talent Agency & Actors from the Ensemble Theatre

The decision on whether or not to seek professional representation is one that will befall most actors at some point in time. Some find the right fit, while others get scammed. Meet Cindy Davis-Andress of Pastorini-Bosby Talent as she separates fact from fiction...

Also, the Ensemble Theatre Waited To Be Invited and they WERE invited to the National Black Theatre Conference in Winston Salem, NC

Join Alice Gatlin and Danette Davis In The Round as they discuss...

- "If that is "black" theatre, then what is the "Chitlin Circuit?!!"

- The NAACP held a funeral for the N-Word. Should theatre kill it off too?

Stream the show HERE! or visit Curtain Call

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