Theatre Port and Houston mentioned in national publication!

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Online site attracts a closer look at Houston Theater

Many of you may be familiar with Backstage and Backstage West. One of the largest industry publications on either coast for jobs , tips and advice for theatre professionals.

Well you can imagine our surprise when we were tipped off that Thatreport got mentioned this past year in the
“Backstage guide to working in Regional Theater”

Helping to bring Houston attention on the national level has always been a goal of ours. We hope people continue to develop a sense of pride in their work and the community they are a part of. Pay close attention to how quickly our community is growing and and support each other.

The Book Features a quick spotlight on Houston-and a 'shout out' to our community. This nod to Houston and Theatre Port is covered in the books city by city summary section and is sampled below ...

..and is sampled below:

"The big oil city of Houston has diversified over the years and the arts have generally prospered. ..{mention of the website here and its promotion of the theatre district} ..
Theatreport ( is a dandy online theater service with Free registration, area theater news, job listings, audition notices, a theater directory, newsletter, polls, and forums to help you get the scoop from area residents and professionals. .."

Read the full scoop here: (scroll down to Houston)
View the page on Google Books

What is truly great about this mention to theatreport?

When people visit theatreport they get an idea of a variety of theatres and theatrical styles available in Houston. Not bad for an all volunteer run organization eh?

Theatreport is built in such a way that every link, every search every story crosses into another. A search for one thing leads to the discovery of all. There’s no way you can visit theatreport and not learn what’s going on at a major theatre down one street, a community theatre down the other and everything in between.

Please remember how important your participation is and be sure to remind your friends and artistic colleagues to participate. It not only benefit s them but all of a Houston! While our Benefits may not be instantly recognizable we take pride in knowing that every year our community expands and our presence is somehow felt through the sites usage.

This site started out as a small resource for individual artists and independent companies, we have since expanded into something much larger. Soon we hope to reach out to the potential patron and continue to support artists.

We can do so much more and we need your help, all you have to do is get involved. We'll provide the resources for you: help us help you. Contact us with your ideas and well work together to continue to promote the diverse and growing landscape of Houston theatre.

We plan on offering more information about the benefits of participating on theatre port so stay tuned.

And as a thank you for the acknowledgment we just want to go ahead and point out that can purchase this book on Amazon. It has a lot of useful information and is a breeze to browse through. It is a useful resource in it's own right:

"The Back Stage Guide to Working in Regional Theater is a coast-to-coast overview of opportunities awaiting theater practitioners in every discipline. Culled from interviews with America's top theater professionals, this resource offers job-search and career-planning strategies, as well as detailed information on over 1,000 places to work in the American theater, including regional companies, Shakespeare festivals, touring theaters, university/resident theaters, youth and children's theaters, and outdoor theaters. Richly detailed with behind-the-scenes stories of the regional movement that many say saved American theater, this single volume is an indispensable tool at every stage of your career."

Back Stage Guide to Working in Regional Theater: Jobs for Actors and Other Theater Professionals
by Jim Volz

The Amazon Link

Visit Backstage: Online

*Theatre port is volunteer run and made possible by the participation of users like you. Give yourself a pat on the back, too!

Heres to 2008.

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