BooTown:Grown-Up Storytime 11

Date 2008/11/18 3:50:00 | Topic: Indie/Fringe

BooTown announces its eleventh installment of the Grown-up Storytime series!

Tonight at 10pm @ Rudyards
Here's how it works: You send us your stories, we choose the most awesomest, and then we hand them over to the readers. They can read it, chop it, add to it, sing it, act it, screw it, play it. You might hear your story.
You might hear a story about you. You might hear someone else's story. You might hear a friend read a story. Anything can happen!

Send a story to If you ever want to read a story, email us!

When: 10PM November 18, 2008
Where: Rudyard's Pub (2010 Waugh)
How Much: $5 (suggested donation)
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