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The Classical Theatre Company (CTC) closes its 2009-2010 Douglas Earle Johnston Reading Series at the Brazos Bookstore with Clizia by Niccolo Machiavelli. Like the majority of the plays CTC has selected to produce in its reading series, this play for whatever reason, has been essentially lost to history. Rarely produced despite being wildly funny, Clizia blossoms into a tale of plots stacked upon counterplots interwoven with themes of confused identity.
Clizia is the story of a father and son vying for the bed of the same woman. Nicomaco, the father in the story, and a degenerate louse of a character, has been acting as foster parent to Clizia, and has been “graciously” bringing her up in his home. The plot thickens as Cleandro (Nicomaco’s son) and Nicomaco both fall for Clizia. However, neither man can marry her because Clizia’s bloodline and birth are unknown. Therefore both men have schemed to marry Clizia to one of their personal servants in order her to keep her nearby. Sofronia (Nicomaco’s wife and Cleandro’s mother) is of course on Cleandro’s side as the raucous comedy (that sometimes extends to the scandalous) unfolds. “When I first read the play,” says director Kalob Martinez, “ I couldn’t help but notice how much it reads like any sitcom you would see on network TV. This play provides great new insight and perspective into the mysteries of a man and a philosopher who has informed and influenced the work of governments, politicians, and many other people of power throughout history, transcending into the fabric of today’s society.”

“Clizia is a rare comical treat from the author of The Prince. It is hard to believe that the same man who wrote such a clinical dissection of how to rule a city state could also pen this romantic comedy,” says CTC’s Executive Artistic Director John Johnston. As a fun tidbit- the much sought after and infamously beautiful Clizia never actually makes an appearance on stage in Machiavelli’s play. Apparently, along with being remembered for coining the phrase “The end justifies the means”, Machiavelli should have also been tagged with “always leave them wanting more!”

The Classical Theatre Company is dedicated to being the preeminent producer of classical theatre in the nation, presenting the classical canon on the stage, in the community, and in the classroom in an engaging, visceral, and visually spectacular way. CTC is the only theatre in the Houston area that offers a reading series, a unique opportunity to present lesser-known works in a non-theatrical setting. Founded by Houston actor and Executive Artistic Director John Johnston, the CTC “looks to indelibly change the Houston arts community, and strives to be a cultural force in the region for years to come.” The theatre’s business plan includes a new theatre facility in the downtown Houston area, a resident acting company, and extensive education and community outreach programs.

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Clizia- by Niccolo Machiavelli

DIRECTOR: Kalob Martinez

NICOMACO Charles Krohn
PIRRO Adam Pena 
DAMONE Kent Johnson

DORIA Julin Jean

SOSTRATA Michelle Coopwood

PALAMEDE Eddie Chevez

RAMONDO Eddie Chevez

DATE: February 13th, 2010 

TIME: 6:30- wine and snack reception
7:00pm- reading begins

LOCATION: Brazos Bookstore
2421 Bissonnet
Houston, TX 77005
Tel: 713-523-0701
Fax: 713-523-1829

TICKETS: Admission is FREE and open to the public.

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