IBP company members film to screen at local Film Fest

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Date   9/16/2004
Time   10:30 PM
Event   Wendy Chicago
Location   Axiom, 2524 McKinney
Description Directed by IBP member Walt Zipprian
USA, 2004, 20 min.

Curated by Lisa Haymes
Director Walt Zipprian and Star Wendy Chicago will be at the screening.

"Wendy Chicago" screening part of Houston Gay & Lesbian Film Festival
Filmmaker and IBP company Member Walt Zipprian 'discovered' Wendy Chicago at a drag show for performers over fifty and was immediately fascinated by her carefree style. Seventy plus years old, generally intoxicated, rarely knowing the words to the song she's lip syncing, Wendy lives...
in a world of her own making and is a legend in her own mind.

In a series of interviews mixed with performance scenes, Wendy discusses the fifty two years she's spent performing as a drag queen. From her first show in Minneapolis, onward to Chicago and finally settling in Houston in 1972 to marry her cowboy.

The film is poignant, sad, and often hilarious, as she talks about the early days of drag when arrest was always a constant threat, her parents' disappointment to discover their only child was gay, the life lessons she learned and her desire to make others happy.

Phone (713) 522-8443
Web Site http://www.infernalbridegroom.com

Part of the Houston Gay and Lesbian Film Festival Running this month.
Visit their site for more info on the festival:HGLFF Website

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