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Date 2006/1/2 20:50:00 | Topic: Local News

Attention local playwrights, and would-be playwrights, every summer (for the past eight years or so) Theatre Southwest has been giving local and National playwrights a forum through the Festival of Originals. (NOTE: Deadline has been extended until April 1st!)Each year the TSW-FOO eagerly awaits the submission of original plays for it's local festival. Five plays are chosen, from entries from the Houston area, as well as some received from across the country...

The TSW-FOO is once again calling for scripts and truly hopes it gets more response from the local playwriting contingent, as TSW's preference in the past is to pick 3 plays from the local scribes, and 2 from the National submissions. This ratio is made easier the more plays get sent in by wrights from the Houston/Galveston/Kingwood/Conroe/Sugarland/Spring/Cypress/Bellaire and surrounding areas!

Requirements are that the plays be approximately 20 minutes in length, have between 2 and 10 characters (casts of around 4, give or take a character or two, are preferred), and don't have many and/or elaborate sets.

All five will be performed in an eclectic evening of comedy, drama, mystery, etc. in late July through early August.

A small entry fee is required and scripts may be submitted by mail (typed and bound-staple or folder, in 12 point type), or electronically.

For snail mail submissions send to:

Theatre Southwest
8944-A Clarkcrest
Houston, TX 77063
or Mimi Holloway

For more information on how to submit via email go to the TSW website: Theatre Southwest Website

Deadline is March 15, 2006 with winners notified by mid-May.

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