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The Lilies of the Field Bloom for A.D. Players at The George
Description: The A.D. Players at The George bring The Lilies of the Field, an inspirational tale about an unlikely partnership between a group of Catholic nuns and a black Baptist from South Carolina, to the Houston stage.  more...
HGO's West Side Story Offers a Well-Sung, if Less Than Edgy Tony
Description: When the posh denizens of Manhattan's upper east side need a gang leader, let it be tenor Norman Reinhardt. Never has the role of Tony in the Broadway classic West Side Story (1957) sounded so fine, been so lovingly sung, been heard to such advantage. In Houston Grand Opera's co-production...  more...
Shadow Puppets Tell the Story of Ancient Persia in Feathers of Fire
Description: A 10th-century Persian epic comes to life in the shadows in Hamid Rahmanian’s Feathers of Fire: A Persian Epic.  more...
Hamilton is Upon Us and There's Still Time To Enter the $10 a Ticket Lottery
Description: In 2013, Nicholas Christopher was asked to come in and do a couple of readings for Hamilton. "Back when it was supposed to be just a mix tape," he says. Involved in other projects, he wasn't in the original Broadway cast that opened two years later but eventually was brought...  more...
This Production of The Government Inspector May Be Too Zany For its Own Good
Description: Anyone know the Russian expression for “¡Ay, caramba!” How about, “What were they thinking!” There are many different ways to stage Nikolai Golgol's classic satire The Government Inspector (1836). I'm not convinced Classic Theatre's production is one of them. The story itself is simple in structure, genius practically. Accompanied by...  more...
The Revisionist Crawls Along To Its Climax
Description: Family means different things to different people. For some, it’s a commodity to be used when needed. For others, it’s the most precious thing imaginable, the centering point of life. So what happens when two people who have different feelings about the value of family come together? This is the...  more...
A Study in Decadence: Obsidian's Cabaret
Description: Broadway chroniclers rate Cabaret (1966) as one of the essential '60s shows: the first musical to digress from Rodgers and Hammerstein, the first to go dark, the first to have an overall concept, the first subversively sexy show, the first to affront an audience and make it squirm. It this...  more...
Alley Theater Hosts a Visiting Latin American Production, But Let's Not Talk About It
Description: Hey Houston, did y'all hear that the Alley Theater has invited a Mexican company to come perform the first ever show done entirely in Spanish (with live English translation) on the Alley stage? Did you know that the show, Gorguz Teatro & Universiteatro's Misa Fronteriza (Border Mass), is a satirical...  more...