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Truth Is Given Compelling Consideration In Caught
Description: Caught, the Obie Award-winning play from San Francisco playwright Christopher Chen, serves up truth on a silver platter, smashes it to bits and rebuilds it anew, only to tear down our belief yet again. It’s at once curious, vexing, cerebral, funny, revealing, provoking and in this superb production by Landing Theatre, it’s the kind of show those of us wanting a stylistically different and more challenging type theater crave.  more...
The Alley Offers Holmes and Watson Set 3 Years After Sherlock Died
Description: The story begins three years after Sherlock Holmes died in his fall off Reichenback Falls while battling with the evil Professor Moriarty. A wire arrives for Dr. John Watson saying that three patients in his asylum are claiming to be Sherlock Holmes. This year's offering in the Alley Theatre's Summer...  more...
The Charms of Guys and Dolls Shine Through This Re-Imagining at the Hobby
Description: Call me prehistoric, but why turn the Frank Loesser/Abe Burrows/Jo Swerling classic musical comedy Guys and Dolls (1950) into In the Heights-lite? Why pretend this perfect work is set in NYC's barrio? This is either political correctness gone amok or community outreach gone awry. Bravo to TUTS for hiring a...  more...
Awash in Estrogen, Ensemble's Sistas Prepares to Travel Down Memory Lane
Description: Sistas: The Musical ticks off all the boxes for a light, fun evening of theater. Chock-full of chart-topping hits through the decades — ranging from Billie Holiday to Beyoncé — trunks filled with period costumes and a quintet of powerhouse singers, it's a show that's sure to have audience members bopping...  more...
Penn & Teller's Greatest Hits are Some of Magic's Best
Description: Forty three  years is a long time for any creative partnership to last. Most bands cut out way before then, and any still kicking around rarely include the full “classic” lineup. A director might have some constant crew over the course of his career, but not an entire staff. No,...  more...
Swathed in Buttercream, The Cake Balances Religious Rights With Same Sex Marriage
Description: Workshopped last year at the Alley All New Festival, Bekah Brunstetter's warm, somewhat fragrant The Cake is certifiably ripped-from-today's-headlines. How timely is it? So prescient that its impact is already muted. On Monday, June 4, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled 7-2 in favor of a Christian Colorado baker who refused...  more...
Queensbury Theatre Announces its 2018-19 Season
Description: Travel in search of self, healing or fame seems to be the recurring theme in Queensbury Theatre's selections for its 2018-19 season. A woman whose face bears the scar of a tragic childhood accident journeys across the country looking for a minister to heal her. Violet, the first offering of...  more...
iPic Gets Into the Magic Game with Pretty Good Results
Description: When it comes to touring magic shows, big rooms are the name of the game. Whether it’s David Blaine sewing his mouth shut at Smart Financial Centre, Penn & Teller breaking the magician’s code at Jones Hall, or The Illusionists bringing a Broadway-sized spectacle to town, odds are if you’re...  more...