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The Last Wife Re-Imagines A King and Queen In Modern Times
Description: The story of Herman's Hermit's favorite monarch, except contemporary and a bit funnier.  more...
The Lion King Roars Back Into Houston at the Hobby Center
Description: The live-action musical based on the beloved Disney cartoon is more breathtaking than anyone had previously imagined.  more...
The Five Best Things to Do in Houston This Weekend: Boys, Boas Then an Undies Run
Description: Get into your undies for a run around the Gorgeous Gael with a group of your favorite fitness-loving, body-expressing friends. Rendezvous at the Gorgeous Gael afterwards for a what could be considered a pool party minus the pool.  more...
Obsidian's Hedwig and the Angry Inch is Incandescent, With a Great Sense of Timing
Description: It's full moon. It's midnight. It's the start of Pride Month. Where else could you be than Obsidian Theater to revel in the sight and sound of Blake Jackson as the LGBT community's theatrical icon, Hedwig, in the cult musical classic Hedwig and the Angry Inch. To paraphrase the old...  more...
Cry Havoc! Rages Onstage in a One-Man Autobiography of War
Description: If there's a more visceral production in Houston right now than Cry Havoc! I'd like to know. It chews you up and spits you out, as it were. It gives you chills while swathing you in empathy. Its horrific images of warfare are countered with angelic theatrical effects as the...  more...
The Five Best Things to Do in Houston This Weekend: Pancakes, Art and Beer
Description: What do you call them, pancakes, hot cakes or flapjacks? Whatever you do, they're all yours and up for grabs this Friday night.  more...
Freaky Friday Arrives at the Alley With Updated Story and Transcendent Casting
Description: You need to see the world through other people’s eyes if you ever hope to fully grasp the challenges they face. Only once we truly understand another person in this manner, can we exhibit the empathy and love they deserve. It’s this notion that comedic musical, Freaky Friday, the mother-daughter,...  more...
Relive Buddy Holly and the Big Bopper's Final Concert — In Galveston
Description: A song-by-song recreation of the final concert given by Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, and The Big Bopper before they died in a plane crash.  more...